Voicebuddy Review From Real User + Coupons + [$10K] Bonus

Voicebuddy Review –  You can create a great quality of voiceover from Text. It is the Next Generation Voiceover Tool available in the market.

Voicebuddy review
Voicebuddy review

In this Web Application Review you will get Honest information about Voicebuddy with Exclusive Voicebuddy Coupons & Voicebuddy Bonuses. This is unbiased voicebuddy review after getting access from the Ali G.

Voicebuddy review overview

What is Voicebuddy?

VoiceBuddy is the first software application that combines Google Wave Web and Amazon Polly in a single dashboard to create crystal clear Voiceover [in 33 Langauages] from Text.

No programming or technical skills necessary. Just use this amazing “newbie-friendly”, One-of-a-kind software saving you thousands of dollars on all your voice-over needs.

Pros Of Voicebuddy

  1. Get To Your VoiceBuddy Dashboard
  2. Integrated Google Voice Wave Internet — Without any programming mandatory
  3. Built-in Amazon Polly — No programming necessary
  4. 141 Voices To Use Instantly
  5. 33 Types of Languages To Use Instantly
  6. The Voicebuddy Quick Translation Software
  7. Effortless Audio Customization of Your Text Into Speech
  8. 5 Quick Action Bonuses Value $1885

Cons of Voicebuddy

1) Need an high internet to create your Voicebuddy Text to Speech Campaign.

2) You cannot download this software in your PC & Laptop because it is cloud based software.

Features Of Voicebuddy

1) Simple to Use dashboard:

That which is right where you require it. No clicking about seeking the equipment to use. The design is intended to make sure you can start generating top excellent text into speech fast.

2) Text to speech editor:

You are also going to be ready to edit all of your text which you put into VoiceBuddy at a moment’s note. The broad layout ensures you can comb over your text effortlessly.

3) Insert Notes To Every Single Audio File:

Had a notion to get a specific audio? No worries. Just click to add notes to any audio and you’re going to remember that your thoughts and how to utilize that sound later on.

4) Find Formerly Made Audios Easily:

We are certain that once you get going with VoiceBuddy, you’re definitely going to be more creating tons of audio files from text. This is exactly the reason why we have made finding any audio easy just by performing a very simple search.

5) 100 percent cloud based:

No need to install whatever. Additionally you will love the fact VoiceBuddy doesn’t ask that you install or download anything. This works on each and every apparatus you have.

Doesn’t Make a Difference If You have a Computer, Mac, Chromebook, Tablet, or Smartphone. In the event you wish to build speech from text, just simply sign directly from the apparatus , then add your script and click on submit. As well as in a few minutes, you should have a fresh brand-new audio file available to pull listeners.

6) Export and utilize with any applications you pick:

The excellent thing concerning VoiceBuddy is you could down load each and every single sound you create fast and readily via mp3 format. This will allow you to import to each potential applications available because mp3 will be the normal format a lot of applications happen now.

It doesn’t matter the app. We guarantee that the audio you download from VoiceBuddy will play nicely with every single 1.

Plus, You’re Able to also:

  1. Put the Pitch of Your Audio
  2. Correct The Rate of Speech
  3. Set Breaks For More Natural Talking
  4. Establish Paragraph Breaks
  5. Establish Sentence Breaks

Voicebuddy Support

Voicebuddy creator  Ali G will give you the 12 Months support once you buy it.

Ticket: [email protected]

Voicebuddy Training

Voicebuddy is the simplest tool. So, you will get step by step training on Voicebuddy.


How to use Voicebuddy?

1) Voicebuddy Login:

In this area of how VoiceBuddy Review, I’m going to reveal you how Voice Buddy works & give you a quick walk through around the full system. After you log in you may observe that this particular screen. Here really is our dashboard where it’s possible to get a complete summary of your entire projects, you can observe the audios that’s been made, total count of audios videos along with sub users.

2) Voicebuddy Dashboard Overview:

You can see all the sound is produced from Amazon’s Polly engine and from Google’s wavenet system. In the event you prefer to play with a sound, you can only play straight from here, or if you’d like to put in it, you simply have to simply click download button to down load this specific music genre.

Voicebuddy dashboard
3) Text to Speech Conversion:

Let’s move for the most important system that is to create sound. Let’s see the way the audio engine to get Google’s Wavenet operates. Go into the writing to Speech (Wave web ) section, you may understand the screen here. First you want to enter a name.

Here you can give a VSL, therefore all you need to accomplish is always to copy/paste your script . As soon as you do this, you should utilize our toolbar to successfully complete all the task you want.

Before starting the manipulation should you prefer to convert this text into almost any additional language, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you only have to choose the language in which you want these must be translated. After you pick the terminology, just need to click on translate button and this will probably be interpreted inside the decide language which you have selected.

Once you’ve done the translation, then you’re able to go up ahead and get started creating your audio. The very first phase is to customise it. If, for example, you’d like to customise how exactly this access spokengets speakinguse most of the choices which are available here in the toolbar. You are able to…

  1. Select accent
  2. Select say as
  3. Select fracture
  4. Decide on pitch
  5. Select rate
  6. Select audio

You can just use it as per your requirements, and as soon as you have completed your customization, just choose the terminology. Here you may see a lot of voices, just pick one that yoone thatd then click submit. Now the sound will probably be generated and appears within the listing. Then you may preview and download it.

Voicebuddy text to speech

Voicebuddy Campaign Video Demo,

Voicebuddy customer review

Voicebuddy customer review

Rapid fire round Voicebuddy

1) How much time you take to create Voiceover?

12 hour or May be 24 Hour but MaxFunnels takes only 1 min. (Time is Money)

2) How much you spend on voiceover ?

$100 or $500. In MaxFunnels, $21.97 one time

3) How much you spend on Voiceover Services Monthly?

$1000 or may be $2000 but Voicebuddy included one time fee.

Voicebuddy OTO Review

VoiceBuddy FE – $21.97 for 1st 6 hours of Launch Goes up 50 cents & then every 6 hours after that.
OTO 1 VoiceBuddy Pro– $37 one time, (9.97 per month after)    Get Instant Access
OTO 1 DS – $27 one time (9.97 per month after)   Get Instant Access
OTO 2 Translator  – $37.97 One Time  Get Instant Access
OTO 2 DS – $27.97 One time  Get Instant Access
OTO 3 Custom Video Creator – $47.97 One Time  Get Instant Access
OTO 3 DS – $37.97 One Time  Get Instant Access
OTO 4 Agency – $47.97 One Time  Get Instant Access
OTO 4 DS – $37.97 One Time  Get Instant Access

FAQ about Voicebuddy

1) Can I create unlimited Voiceover?

Yes, you can create unlimited Voiceover on Voicebuddy.

2) How we can make money using Voicebuddy?

You can easily pocket $2000 / Day by selling Voiceover services to your customer.

3) Who can use Voicebuddy?

So far as I’m worried, VoiceBuddy is established particularly for those people who will work as video clip entrepreneurs, business people, providers, social-media entrepreneurs, e-com entrepreneurs, search engine optimisation entrepreneurs, MMO or some other free-lancers that would like to generate readily voice overs for the clients and start offering them on internet sites such as Fiverr, or even Freelancer.com.

4) Can I sell Voiceover to My Client’s?

Yes, you can sell voiceover to your client’s if you have commercial license.

5) Can I download this software on PC?

No, this is cloud based software.

Final words on Voicebuddy Review

Voicebuddy is the only text to speech tool available in market which works on Google Wave & Amazon Polly to produce Real Voice of Human through Text. 

If you want to SAVE Your Time & Money on Voiceover services then this is the perfect App you should be looking for. It will easily helps you and your clients to generate FREE traffic, leads, and sales from Search Engine & Social Media.

Voicebuddy comes with 30 Days Money back Guarantee & 1 years with lifetime training videos,  you can invest your money without any risk.

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Voicebuddy Review & Rating

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