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Cloudlysuites review –  This is the biggest Graphic Design suites which will create Logo, Creative, Banar, Gif & Animation Video in single dashboard.

Cloudlysuites Review
Cloudlysuites review

In this Web Application Review you will learn everything you need to know about Cloudlysuites. This is unbiased Cloudlysuites review after getting access from the Cloudlysuites Owner.

Cloudlysuites review overview

What is Cloudlysuites?

Cloudlysuites is the cloud based application which is perfectly design for social media marketers, Blogger, Small business owner & YouTuber.

Cloudlysuites is the cloud based software which is used to create Logo, Creative, Social Media Creative, Gif’s & Promotional Animation Video under single dashboard.

Features Of Cloudlysuites

  1. Gradient background fill
  2. Build custom color palette
  3. Upload custom svg
  4. Used stock photo added to library
  5. Drag & drop color
  6. Upload from url
  7. Export to dropbox
  8. Shareable edit, download, preview link
  9. Freehand drawing
  10. Document privacy mode
  11. Share design with users
  12. Invite new user under sub account
  13. Over 200 filter effects
  14. Sort and rearrange filter effects
  15. Extension support(added monthly)
  16. Access over 3million free icons
  17. Download MP4 & GIF
  18. Autosave
  19. Save element to folder & reuse
  20. Support gradient & filters on text
  21. Transparent background support
  22. Layers panel
  23. Context Menu support
  24. Export SVG
  25. Animated chart support
  26. Edit custom svg colors
  27. Capture from camera support
  28. Animation support
  29. Animate text character
  30. Animate drawing path
  31. Parallel animation support
  32. Frame based animation
  33. Animation timeline
  34. Animation recording
  35. Export playback frame
  36. Copy/paste animation frame
  37. Pattern background fill

Drawbacks of Cloudlysuites?

1) Need an high internet to create Banners, Logoes & Animation Videos & Gifs.

2) You cannot download this software in your PC & Laptop because it is cloud based software & 20 wall security.

Cloudlysuites Support

Cloudlysuites creator will give you the 1 year support once you purchase it.

Sandy Nayak:

Skype: sandeep.nayak2005 


Leon Andrew: 

Skype: Leon Okpeh 


Ticket: [email protected]

Cloudlysuites Training

CloudlySuites  is the only tool where you can start designing from scratch. Don’t need to an engineer or Graphics Designer because 1st  standard student can also design the logo, Creative, Gif & Video’s.

You can access the training

How to use Cloudlysuites?

1) Select

Select your project! It doesn’t matter if you need a logo or video, it is very easy to do using drag and drop editor.

choose your custom size cloudlysuites

2) Setup

Design your project from scratch or choose prebuild template from cloudlysuites.

select prebuild template cloudlysuites

 3) Done

 Export your project (Logo, Creative, Gifs & Video) and you’re done!

export the file in cloudlysuites

Here Is Cloudlysuites Campaign Video,

Cloudlysuites customer review

cloudlysuites customer review

Rapid fire round Cloudlysuites

1) How much time you take to create Logo?

 30 min or May be 1 Hour but Cloudlysuites takes only 60 sec. (Time is Money)

2) How much you spend on Canva or Adobe photoshop, Yearly?

$1000 or $10000. In Cloudlysuites, $27 one time

3) How much you spend on Animation Video?

$500 or may be $1000 but Cloudlysuites included animation video.

4) How much you spend on Graphics + Video Designer?

 $2000, Am I right? Cloudlysuites is the only tool which will give you the unlimited Logo, creative, Gif’s & Video.

5) Do you like Cloudlysuites?

Yes, Awesome & if no, you will lose Time & Money in internet Marketing.

Cloudlysuites Vs Canva

Cloudlysuites & Canva both are cloud based application which are used to create Logo, Creative, Social Media, Infographics, Video, Gif’s.

Here is comparison between Cloudlysuites & Canva.

Cloudlysuites vs Canva

FAQ about Cloudlysuites

1) Can I create unlimited Logo, creative, Gif’s & Video?

Yes, you can create unlimited Logo, creative, Gif’s & Video.

2) How we can make money using Cloudlysuites?

You can easily pocket $1000 / Day by selling Logo, creative, Gif’s & Video to your customer.

3) Who can use CloudlySuites?

Cloudlysuites is most suited for Blogger, small business owners, YouTuber, freelancers, independent internet marketers, marketing agencies with small fees.

4) Can I sell Logo, creative, Gif’s & Video to My Client’s?

Yes, you can sell Logo, creative, Gif’s & Video to your client’s if you have commercial license.

5) Can I download this software on PC?

No, this is cloud based software.

6) What is the price of CloudlySuites?

  • Font End – CloudlySuites Licence

             Personal ($27) & Commercial ($29)

  • OTO 1 – CloudlyStories with commercial license ($49.95 one time)
  • OTO 2 – CloudlySuites template

             500 extra templates ($27) & 1000 extra templates ($29.95)

  • OTO 3 – CloudlySuites Video Script Pack ($47)

             500 extra templates ($27) & 1000 extra templates ($29.95)

  • OTO 4 – CloudlySuites Outsourcer License

1 Outsourcer ($29.95)

4 Outsourcer ($49.95)

 8 Outsourcer ($69.95)

Final words on Cloudlysuites Review

Cloudlysuites is the only single tool available in the market which can create unlimited Logo, creative, Gif’s & Animation Video under single dashboard.

If you want to SAVE Your Time & Money, then this is the perfect Suites you should be looking for. It will easily help you to create unlimited Logo, creative, Gif’s & Meme Video within 60 sec.

Cloudlysuites comes with 7 Days Money back Guarantee & 1 years with lifetime training videos,  you can invest your money without any risk

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