5 Simple Ways To Promote Your App For FREE (2022)

The App store and Play store are crowded. Developing apps and getting them discovered by competitors can be challenging. An effective marketing strategy before releasing your app can maximize the chances of being noticed. 

Marketing campaigns can be created using various strategies – you will need both time and money to be successful. Today, we’re sharing low-budget marketing strategies. 

You should, however, consider all your marketing efforts to generate curiosity among your audience. 

In this article, you will know the 5 ways to promote your app for FREE.

So, let’s get started.

5 Simple Ways To Promote Your App For FREE

5 Ways To Promote Your App For FREE (2022)

1. Make contacts

App promotion begins soon before the app is launched. Contact your customer base and communicate with them before informing your development team to build out your app with thousands of unique characteristics.

Anyway, you would like to make sure that whatever you assemble is just appropriate for people. As your customers are preoccupied, start by giving them something in exchange for their additional help. For example, it would be best if you give your customers a particular discount or educational material to tempt them to acquire.

Once you’ve gotten their recognition, ask them several questions to figure out what they’re looking for in an app.

First, you need to know what your prospective customers are hoping for from your app. As you go via this whole process, you’ll begin to recognize gaps you hadn’t noticed before, and you’ll have succeeded in bridging the gap between yourself and your clients.

By engaging your customer base in the app development process, you are not only discreetly publicizing your app, but you are also ensuring that the app you create is appropriate for the people you want to satisfy.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your company, so keep them involved throughout the app development process.

Keep in mind that your customer will have their crowd, and if you can persuade them, you’ll be striking all the right chords to increase your chances of success and longevity.

Continue to maintain your customers by informing them of your app’s notion and inquiring what characteristics they’d most really want to see. What can you do to make the app extra user-friendly and practical for them? 

2. SEO Marketing

Indeed, we are referring to SEO instead of ASO. When users type in related queries, your app URL appears in search engine results; for instance, when people look up business apps, you want your app to appear among the first three entries before they press Enter.

All you have to do now is determine which keywords are “strongly targeted” and “most highly relevant” for you to score.

Then, critically appraise which keywords your app is reportedly ranking for and develop some slightly elevated links to help it move up the rankings.

Marketing for IT companies need more budget, strategic planning and execution.

Try these two fantastic tools for this purpose.

  1. MobileDevHQ
  2. SearchMan

3. Initiate Contact With Influencers

While you promote your app could go beyond your customary zone of influence, and these international connections and cultural ties are often precisely what your business requires. Establishing legitimate, collectively advantageous connections with influencers will go a long way toward improving your app’s gathering momentum.

Business owners should only present content that applies to the influencers and their target market when approaching influencers or bloggers.

Individuals with the ability to influence the procurement and engagement decisions of a particular group of people are known as influencers.

While some marketers may offer financial rewards in return for influencer promotion, we suggest getting influencers who genuinely care about your business.

To get results from paid advertising, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Advertisements on social media, search engines, and other apps can help your Mobile app gain more visibility and downloads. In addition, your ad can include direct links to the appropriate app stores.

Whenever you begin an ad campaign, you first must pick an ad network that perfectly meets your app’s advertisement goals.

Various social media platforms provide personalized ads in areas where people instinctively spend a lot of time online. 

4. Optimization for the App Store

With nearly 50 percent of iPhone users in the United States discovering apps via search, your app characterization is one of the most crucial components of your mobile app marketing strategic approach.

At its cornerstone, app store optimization (ASO) is Google Play and App Store search engine optimization (SEO). Like search engine optimization, App store optimization is mainly concerned with keyword validity, search relevance, and keyword research in your synopsis.

Most users get their apps from app stores (both Apple and Google play almost equally). Therefore, it is critical to optimize your app to the maximum extent possible for users to notice it.

Consider your app’s name and description. For example: use specific keywords and catchy words or phrases while keeping your customer base in mind.

In-app stores, a good keyword tool, can help you determine which keywords are more commonly searched.

Begin with your social media accounts, but don’t overlook the app’s own social media profiles.

If this is a little out of reach, look for less cutthroat keywords that are more creative. It might be the best price for your quick profit in terms of getting your app recognized. And it could be solely your time without spending any money.

5. Media Promotion

Often these journalists are under time constraints to get fresh content out, and as a result, they don’t have time to catch up on referrals or learn more about news items sent in.

To maximize the chances of getting your story told, make sure your PR kit contains everything one journalist would require.

The following items should be included in the app’s PR kit: 

A) Press Release

The press release is the storyline behind why you’re approaching the press. It should include the problem your app solves, why it’s being launched now, and any other statistics or facts about the app’s perks. It is where you sell the idea to the journalist who might publish it.

B) Collateral Design (Icons, Logos)

Offer the news agency all of the icon sizes, logo sizes, and other design assets they’ll require to keep your prominent theme throughout the article. The last thing you want is to have your logo appear blurry because you only sent them one image size. 


A few more methods like your website should include links to download apps, a promotional video to promote your app, and many more. 

Promoting an app is doable for anyone, even those with scarce resources, at least for those who aren’t hesitant to put in the effort and hard work!

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