Mobile App: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

This is the ultimate guide to Mobile App for 2021.

In this article, you will learn

  • What is Mobile App Development?
  • What Affects on Mobile App Development Cost?
  • Different Types 
  • How to create Mobile App
  • Functions and Features

So, if you want to become a Mobile App developer this year, this is the best guide for you.

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Mobile App
Mobile App

What is mobile app development?

The mobile app is a thing that can be created by software and can also be used in smartphones. It can also use on other platforms like Android and iOS based, which can also use the app in smartwatches. Considering this mobile app development company should take care of all the aspects of the app. 

Mobile apps mainly run on system processors and batteries because current smartphones have more features such as GPS, Hightech camera, High graphic games, and many more. So, developers have to consider and create suitable hardware and configuration for mobile apps. 

Mobile app development is mainly based on software to make good and reliable software. Software kits are mandatory; it is crucial to choose the correct SDK that provides a convenient mobile app development environment for developers to design and test code.

Mobile app development is mainly based on two platforms Android and iOS. Creating apps for iOS and Android seems to be similar. Still, Android and iOS have different techniques and features to develop the mobile app technology, and their design and marketing strategy is unique.

What is the purpose of a mobile app?

Nowadays we all know that technology is getting more updated than in olden years; moreover, today’s youngsters are finding more easy ways to explore new things through mobile phones. 

So for that, developers should create an easy and convenient app from which every age user can be satisfied by using it.

Due to this pandemic, users are bound to stay home to use various types of apps to get their required things online. 

In the olden period, people commonly used apps to maintain their contact details, but in this modern technological world, apps are used in different ways like online shopping, ticket booking, and many other ways. 

As the usage of mobile phones has increased in this modernized world, mobile app development companies should maintain all the apps so that users cannot find any difficulty while using this app because today’s generation doesn’t have adequate time to wait. Today’s world needs all the things that happen on the tip of their finger.

There are infinite purposes to create a mobile app. The first and foremost reason to create a mobile app is to benefit the user more quickly. While developing a mobile app, you should know about three major categories.

  • A solution provider and a problem solver
  • Entertainment factor
  • Adding value

1) A solution provider and a problem solver

Mainly your mobile app will face problems while surfing a website, so it is essential to have a fast speed processor and work with or without the internet.

2) Entertainment factor

Mobile apps should support better visual resolution because, as per the trend, people are watching online videos and web series in their leisure time, and they also play games on their mobile phones.

3) Adding value 

Some mobile apps should provide services like online calls, video calls, conference calls, and chat; moreover, some apps should also give facilities of GPS to get an accurate location.

Another purpose of the mobile app is the hectic schedule of the individual people who don’t have time to stand in a queue for payments. 

For them to make it accessible, an online payment mobile app will help them make payments such as phone bills and electricity bills, although online payments also help make payment for movie tickets, online shopping, food ordering, and much more. 

What affects mobile app development cost?

To develop a mobile app, developers have to cross through many hurdles to make that mobile app successful and functional. We hope that you will get all the information in this content. 

Six different types affect mobile app development cost for that customer should need to be prepared. These factors also affect mobile app development companies and indirectly affect the clients. 

1) Type and size of the app

The mobile app mainly depends on the size, and it is further divided into three types.

2) Small app

Small apps are individually based on single platforms and have limited types of functions. This small app doesn’t require backend development. For instance, the temperature app is already installed in today’s smartphones.

3) Moderate app

Moderate is used for a single platform, but it also includes payment functions. Apps built for more than one platform with less customization function are known as moderate apps.

4) Complex app

Complex apps have multiple types of features than small and moderate apps, but there is a need for a complex backend to manage and store important information in this complex app.

5) Platform and devices

The cost directly affects creating a platform and devices, but developing a single platform will cost less than creating multiple platforms. 

The mobile app development cost for iOS and Android platforms also differs; moreover, those built to support lower configuration devices require more cost and time.

6) Location and structure of development

The location and structure development team depends on who you are working with because some mobile app development companies are more considerable. \

In this big company, there are different types of sections divided so that it can cost high, but if you work with a small development company or startup, they have only one team to work on that particular task to cost less to you.

7) Design of mobile app

Design is the most important thing from which customers can be attracted by the design of the mobile app. The mobile app design includes a logo, icons, user interfaces, and much more, which should be perfectly done. The cost of the design depends on the platform location of the designer.

8) Features and functions

If you add some functions to your app, the cost will drastically increase then it depends on you which function you are adding. 

Talking about features such as third-party services, backend infrastructure, content management team, depending on all these things, may lower the cost of your app or higher the cost of development. 

9) Cost of maintenance and marketing

Cost of app maintenance and marketing are considered as additional costs to maintain the app. The activities should be done daily, and a new function has to be added. 

Awareness about the bug fixes is essential; you need to pay attention to marketing to give information to the clients about your mobile app.

Different types of mobile app

In today’s smartphones, without application, it is said to be worthless; however, there are three types of mobile apps from which you can make a successful mobile app in this modern world.

  1. Native app
  2. Web app
  3. Hybrid app

1) Native app

Native apps are specially created for an OS mobile devices operating system; this native app can only be used in one device or one platform, such as an Android app or iOS app you cannot combine and use on another platform like blackberry and windows.

2) Web app

Web apps and native apps are similar, but this web app is used via web browser on the mobile phone. These are not standardized app to download on the device; they give responses to that website that adapt to the device’s user interface.

3) Hybrid app

This hybrid app is also said to be a web app; they almost look like the native app because it may have a home screen, responsive design, icon, and fast performance, although it can also work offline, so this web app looks like a native app.

How to create a mobile app

Nowadays, in this hustle and bustle of the world, mobile apps have become competitive, so for that, here are ten simple ways from which you can quickly develop an excellent mobile app.

  • A successful mobile app starts with an app idea
  • Identification and clarification
  • Design your app
  • Identify to create the app native, web, or hybrid
  • Make app prototype 
  • Integrate an appropriate tool
  • Identify your testers and get reliable feedback
  • Release the app
  • Capture the matrix
  • Upgrading your app with new features

1) A successful mobile app starts with an app idea.

First of all, to build a successful app, the first thing you should have in your mind is to identify the app problem you can solve. 

Secondly, think and decide about the app features because through this app, you can provide good benefits to the user, including app cost, or after using the app, you can improve the user’s experience.

2) Identification and clarification

The most important thing you need to be clear about the app target user is that the app should be created in such a way app user will find their solution to through this app by that thing ratio of the app will keep on increasing then that app should also work and support the mobile platform and device regarding hardware performance and battery durability.

3) Design your app

Nowadays, competition is increasing day by day, so to make that app successful, you need to make the design of your app more unique and attractive, and mobile app development companies should focus on UI design and multi-touch gestures because UI design plays a significant role in getting success of the app.

4) Identify to create the app native, web, or hybrid.

Select the right and perfect way to develop an app. To develop an app, one should have complete knowledge about native, web, and hybrid apps because it is the most important thing of the app.

  • A native app is costly and high time-consuming to develop and convey to the user. This native app requires significant experience, skill, and time to create.
  • Web apps are not that costly compared to native app’s main advantage because they can run on multiple platforms, but the disadvantage in this app is that it is less potent than a native app.
  • A hybrid app is the best way to create an app because it is the latest; it helps build excellent and unique features and can also be accessed to native APIs that are not available by javascript yet.  

5) Make app prototype

In this upcoming step, you should identify a prototype to develop the app. This prototype makes a more accessible way to sell your thoughts to the users. 

They can easily see the benefits instead of reading the description. With this prototype, you can get ideas from the client to make the changes to develop a successful mobile app. 

6) Integrate an appropriate tool

You have to get some analytic tools to know detailed information of the user who has used your website. How they visit your site and how others keep visiting your website. Here are some tools that can help you in this whole procedure: google analytics, mix panel firebase, preemptive.

7) Identify your tester and get reliable feedback.

Beta testing is the first step to get accurate feedback from your user because of that in the app store. You can enhance the app’s visibility. By getting complete feedback from the client, your app can be said as the most successful in the mobile application field.

8) Release the app

At the time of releasing the app, it requires a perfect plan and schedule. The most important thing while developing the app is one should take care of the live environment that is protected and the components that you have to release are correct. 

9) Capture the matrix

In this competitive world, there has been an incredible rise of the mobile app; it has increased so far that to get an exact matrix is the most important thing. As the app’s ratio is getting high parallelly to get factual matrices is getting more complex, one should make sure about this thing.

10) Upgrading your app with new features

After settling the matrix, another most essential step is to upgrade the app with more unique features. Applications with different features can make more users use your app because it attracts the client visualization. 

It also increases the download ratio of the app, so you should keep in touch with other mobile app development companies to get more knowledge and guidelines and better performance of your app.

Functions and features of the app

All the individuals mostly spend their time using different types of apps. To make a better app, one should provide better functions and features to the eye-catching app for your customers. 

For that, you need to have information about five essential functions and features to take your application to the seventh cloud. Here are the following steps.

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Good image resolution
  • Search options
  • User feedback

1) Speed

Screen loading time is the most crucial thing of the app because no one likes to see the loading icon on the screen in this fast-moving world. 

When people see that icon, they can get frustrated, which can indirectly negatively impact the app, so speed matters a lot for mobile app development. Any mobile app should open within seconds and should give a fast response. 

2) Flexibility

There are three central mobile operating systems, iOS, Windows, and Android, in this era, so to achieve the cheerful and successful title of your app, it should be available on all these three platforms. 

It is easy to install it from the play store, but on iOS, it needs to be passed and tested from the app store because iOS is said to be the safest operating system among all.

3) Good image resolution

You should manage the speed of your app and focus on the picture resolution because today’s generation users want various customized color combinations in the app from which they cannot feel bored while using the app. You should make sure about using advanced graphics and colors in the app.

4) Search options

These search option features are straightforward, but most developers have no idea about the feature’s importance and work. 

Nowadays, many senior citizens get influenced by the youngsters to use the mobile app because people will have difficulty exploring the app. 

Still, if the search option feature is installed in the app, your app can be more successful than others.

5) User feedback

To make your app successful in a single go then there are many ways to make it perfect. Feedback is the simplest and more straightforward way to make a complete app because you can get the details of where your client is facing problems while using this app; you can improve your app by getting and implementing the feedback of your app.

What is the cost of building a mobile app?

Cost is an essential factor to consider before developing an app; one should fix a budget for an app before developing or selecting any mobile app development company. 

Many factors affect the cost of developing the app, such as the platform you select on which you have to develop your app, the tech stack, the team that is working on your app, the features you include in the app. 

If you want to develop an MVP app, then the cost of developing it can be less, and if you want to develop an app with more advanced features, then the cost of developing that app is comparatively high. It also depends on the company you select for developing your mobile app.

Estimated time to develop the mobile app

It is also a crucial factor to consider before developing any mobile app because if any requires more time to develop your app, then it is not good and can create a wrong impression; one must select a company that doesn’t take much time and has a huge team to work on your app.

The time of app development also depends on some features like the platform you choose, the features you add or modify in it, the number of developers working on it. Select a company that will develop your app in significantly less time and with perfection.


We all know the importance of mobile apps in this current growing world. It feels like without a mobile app, there is no life, and our smartphones are also worthless. 

Keeping in mind the importance of the mobile app in this blog, I have mentioned all the essential things that can help you to develop your mobile app. 

Apart from the things mentioned in the blog, one must select the best mobile app development company that will help you develop your mobile app the way you want and within your budget.

I’ll be glad to know if this blog helps you develop your dream mobile app, and you can develop the best mobile app by following this blog.

Still, have a questions in your mind please let me know in the comment.

Rahim Makhani

Rahim Makhani

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