8 Effective Strategies That Boost Instagram Story Views

Are you wondering about getting more engagement on Instagram stories?

First, focus on the Instagram story views, and second create a story more attractive with stickers. 

Instagram stories are the most powerful feature for social media marketing as well as personal branding. Stories launched in August 2016, and now it has more than 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day. 

Instagram stories are an effective way to do visual content marketing, and it allows you to share your stories through multiple images and videos. 

Stories are the perfect place to engage with your audience and promote your brand worldwide. More than 70% of businesses use Instagram stories, and they trust stories have the potential to increase their brand reach over the world.

Today we will share the most powerful strategies for getting more views and improving your Instagram stories engagement.

instagram story views
Instagram Story Views

8 Effective Strategies That Boost Instagram Story Views

Are you wondering about getting more engagement on Instagram stories?  These 8 effective strategies that Boost Instagram Story Views under 60 seconds.

1) Schedule First, Before Publish:

Make a timetable and post the content as per the scheduled time, giving your followers an outstanding user experience. It will be helpful for you to post new content on stories. 

Sticking to the right posting time makes your followers understand that you know the reason for what you are doing and what you want to reach.Images, Videos, and boomerangs are the three types of content to make your Instagram stories. 

You can select either one kind or combine these three types to make your story. You can also upload Regular posts in Instagram stories by choosing the “post to stories” option.

Instagram provides statistical data such as the number of clicks received for your story, number of replies, number of taps, number of impressions, and the count of forwarding taps also. These stats will help you to decide when to publish and what to post.

2) Make Use of superzoom:

Superzoom feature is accessed by swiping the bottom of the screen in the Instagram camera. 

When you tap and hold the button, the camera will zoom in with ultrasound effects. If you don’t have enough content or significantly less video to make a story, this feature will help you make your videos with creativity.

Using superzoom, you can attract more views because you create stories with one single image as many slides. 

Create stories effectively. People who often view your stories are getting a great chase to become your followers. 

Many marketers use Instagram stories to raise their business and to build an Instagram community. If you are new to Instagram, think creatively to make your story and get more views and engagement.

3) Use Your Brands in Stories:

Creating Instagram stories that look perfect and reflect your brand aesthetic will help you grow your target audience. 

If you are launching a new product or service, you can add that video to stories, and it is a great way to connect with your followers.

 If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can add a link to what you want to promote. Highlighting your products’ benefits in your stories can build trust with your customers. 

Using simple elements like colors and fonts will take your stories a long way to reach more people. 

It is a good idea to use branded hashtags for brands, including details like the name of your industry or your products’ name.

4) Go Live Twice in a week:

Instagram live has become significantly trending on social media platforms. 

Live helps the user to engage with their followers and build relationships. 

Many people go live at least once a week, which will increase user interaction. Live is the best way for direct conversation, and it is a place to clarify your doubts. 

Go live twice a week will increase your Instagram story views and direct your followers to see your non-live videos after your live gets over. 

Before you go live every time, you will see if people are interested in joining the session. 

The comment session will notify the interested users. You need to hit “view” to allow your followers to participate in the session.

5) Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories:

If you are looking to get more views on your stories, you need to add hashtags for your posts. 

There are two ways to add hashtags to your stories. First, you can add hashtag stickers or use the text tool to type out the # symbol.

Adding a hashtag to your stories is a great chance to discover new people. 

When people search for some hashtag on Instagram, if your hashtag is related to a user search, it will be viewed on the hashtag page. If the people like your content, there may be a chance to follow your profile. 

 You can add ten hashtags to your stories, and some people don’t use many hashtags because it takes away the content itself. 

In this case, you can hide your hashtags in your content. You can use GIFs or images to hide your hashtags.

6) Reshare Others Content in Your Story:

Reposting is also one of the best strategies in Instagram marketing. You have already shared a lot of videos like other users. 

You can share a tagged content in your Instagram stories, and it has a great chance to increase your Instagram reach. 

There are plenty of new and trending videos on Instagram, and you can reshare them in your stories to get more views. 

One thing to remember is, you can only reshare the content with a public account and only if they are allowed to recreate their content.

Also, you can use your Instagram reels to your stories to get more story views. Sharing your reels videos to Instagram stories will increase your user engagement. 

Getting more likes and views for your Instagram reels will encourage the user to give the best comments for your Instagram reels and have a great chance to share your reels.

7) Use Polls and Ask Question

The poll stickers are a perfect way to improve your user engagement and allow users to share their likes and dislikes. 

You can also use vote stickers to learn about what your followers want to see in your Instagram stories. 

The vote sticker is an easy way to give your followers a chance to share their opinion. 

It will also help you to get a better understanding of what your audience loves to see your stories.

You can also add quiz stickers to your stories and educate your audience about your brand and products, and it will boost your Instagram story engagement.

8) Use Location Tags:

Like the location tag for usual Instagram posts, you can also use location tags on your Instagram stories. 

There are two different ways to use a location tag. First is the literal location, which allows you to tag an address in your story, and the second one is a lesser-known variation. These are the city-specific stickers that show your location.

Adding a location is a great way to improve your local business. People near you can see your story and engage your profile.


Stories have become an essential part of the Instagram marketing strategy. 

Instagram stories let users post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Every time check your data how many times your story has liked, viewed, and shared. 

Some simple steps to get more views are to create captivating content and attract people to engage with your post. These eight best strategies can improve your Instagram story views.

Now it’s your turn,

Please, let me know your favourite instagram story views strategy in the comment.

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