How to Get Your Business Instagram Profile in Trending?

Instagram is the widely used social media site which is providing many benefits if you own a business and have account for your business. 

In this article, you will learn how to get your business Instagram profile in trending?

Instagram is thriving with over one billion active users per month, and it is projected to get even increased success in the next coming years. 

How to Get Your Business Instagram Profile in Trending
How to get your business Instagram profile in trending?

How to Get Your Business Instagram Profile in Trending?

Instagram has managed to become the effective and renowned marketing and promotional tool for advertising the products and services through the web.

There are plenty of reasons to justify why Instagram is the sweetheart of such a massive user base and almost every area of the field is being attracted towards it. It is appreciated and being expressed by, teenagers, adults, influencers, journalists and celebrities, etc.

Who doesn’t want to get viral and grab a big bunch of followers and likes to their profile? 

Yes, everyone but, to achieve that your work isn’t as simple as creating a profile and publishing content on it. All of your work will be needed to take care of. 

It would be best if you understand the basics of growing and maintaining your Instagram.

Your aim to get your profile or posted images in explore page is to get more engagement and followers. 

Though, you can buy Instagram followers and likes. Many websites brag to offer real services such as Social Followers where one can buy Instagram followers. But getting the organic growth is the real deal.

1) Importance of Instagram in Flourishing Business

It would be better if we discuss the importance of Instagram for your business so it can motivate you and convince you to do the hard and smart work required to get your profile up to the snuff. 

Social Media platforms like Instagram provided the abundance of opportunities to business to grow and excel with the help of social influence; they can focus on the larger number of audiences for promoting their services and products. 

It can help you turn you boost your sales or traffic to your sites and can turn your business into a brand. No matter, how boring is your niche or industry is, you just required to implement a better strategy than your competitors.

Right strategy with the help of Instagram can flourish your brand in the market. You can create and increase profile engagement and keep track of it, leading to the success of your goals.

Here we listed the tips what will help you out in coming up with your strategy to get your profile in explore or trending page for Instagram. 

2) Change your profile to a business account

Turning the profile into a business one should be the first and foremost thing to do before implementing your strategy. 

It is vital as a personal profile can’t offer you as diverse options even if you already have plenty of followers. You also can’t show your whole activity to the public, whereas a business account provides you with the opportunity to do so.

3) Optimize Your Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio is the little area below your username where the visitors can have a quick important details about you or your business. Your bio should be engaging and most importantly, informative.

In the bio, share your important links or website address, which can be a great way to drive traffic to where you want. More the visitors to your profile, more will be the traffic to your site.

4) Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your audience consistently help you become recognizable on Instagram. Add a call to action for commenting and writing their views. This can help flood your posts with tons of comments which signals the post being popular and deserving of listed in explore page. In result, Instagram gives such posts more worth and can help get more Instagram followers and likes.

5) Leverage hashtags properly

Hashtags are essential on Instagram. According to a survey, business profiles that are utilizing hashtags to have a significant increase of 12.6% in engagement compared to the ones who don’t leverage this feature.

You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags for a single Instagram per post. However, according to some analyst, the number should not exceed eleven.

Not using the hashtags can significantly reduce the engagement. This results in fewer chances of appearing in the trending list of Instagram.

In any case, it doesn’t completely imply that you utilize all mainstream hashtags on your posts with no significance; this can make individuals believe that you’re not reliable. 

Something else you can accomplish for making your profile more stylish is customized hashtag. Along these lines, individuals can utilize those hashtags, and more traffic can get connected with your profile.

6) Write good captions

Posting awesome pictures are not enough, good captions should be placed to give the readers idea of the intellect of the profile owner; boosting your posts with a powerful caption can brisk the leads and is a meaningful gesture to increase the worthiness.

Then the next question that comes in most minds is how you craft an Instagram caption that will be attracting to your followers? Through bio as well as post captions, you have a vast room to attract a vast number of the user base, but coming up with unique captions every day is a daunting task.

Why captions are so important? The answer is that those few lines can help you to lift your text and give the perspective and direction to your image. Not just that, but the captions also portray a better view of your personality and of the brand too.

7) Post consistency and at right times

Another way to rank on the explore page is by staying active on the Instagram. It seems to be an obvious solution; however, it is what observed by the Instagram team. Observing a consistent time routine is helpful in this regard.

Instagram also follow the consistency and regularity of posts on different accounts before verifying an account. There is no use of applying for verification if you’re not using the account with consistency.


Though you can use as many proven strategies as you can, we have mentioned some important and proven tactics that has helped many in achieving their social media goals.

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