Top 10 Business ideas in Pune with low Investment (2021)

Pune is one of the country’s major cities and a centre for information technology, education, and industry. 

Pune, with its high per capita income and fast-paced economy, has the potential to be an excellent place to start a small business. In this article, we have shared top 10 business ideas in Pune.

Meetings, exhibitions, business events, and trade exhibits are scheduled on any given day in Pune, making it the busiest metropolis. These efforts are anticipated to gain traction in the near future.

As a result, there will never be a scarcity of possibilities to establish a new firm. Every day begins with a hundred new firms’ hopes and prospects. 

Pune offers a huge, capable population if someone is wanting to hire a qualified individual to split the job and get it done swiftly. 

The following is a collection of Top 68+ business ideas in Pune that may be profitable!

business ideas in pune
Best Business Ideas in Pune

New Business ideas in Pune for Small & Part Time Businesses

1) Technical Assistance: Small Business Ideas in Pune Without Investment

With a large IT sector, Tech Support may be one of the greatest business ideas to start in Pune. 

This business necessitates the resolution of intangible hardware and software issues, which the servicer must discuss with potential clients. 

In the first several months, the individual might operate as a sole proprietor and save money. 

However, if their customer base grows, they will be able to hire workers to work under them. This will help save time, get the job done faster, and reinforce the foundation even more.

2) Stock Exchange: Part Time Business Ideas in Pune

Stock Exchange Part Time Business Ideas in Pune

Stock trading is a profitable small business concept, particularly for the individuals who live there. Starting this enterprise on your own might be difficult, therefore it is preferable to recruit a group of individuals. 

For improved insights, the individual should conduct a study on the European and American stock marketplaces. They might also take certain finance-related online courses to learn more about stocks. 

If the individual understands the business and how it operates, they may earn enough money every day and perhaps build a career out of it.

3) Headphones Company: New Business Ideas in Pune

Headphones are increasingly popular nowadays, and they are widely accessible on the market at reasonable costs. 

With everyone’s phone now doubled as a music player, new companies are taking against established ones like Sony and Sennheiser, and many of them are selling well. 

Podcasts, audiobooks, meditation, and fitness applications are all helping to grow the industry. The headset allows anyone to listen to music or watch movies without upsetting others. 

Now that headphones are so ubiquitous and widely used, there is a great economic potential for new businesses.

4) Repair of Electronic Devices: Business Ideas in Pune with low Investment

In this day and age of digitalization, a new mobile phone or gadget is virtually released every day, displacing the previous model. 

There are two sorts of people: those who are always up to speed on the latest trends and those who are unconcerned about them. 

They will continue to utilize the same model until it no longer works. If there are any issues, they strive to solve them by repairing rather than replacing them. 

Thus, by beginning this company, a mobile phone technician can generate marginal profits.

5) Business Consultant: Small Scale Business Ideas in Pune

Business Consultant Small Scale Business Ideas in Pune

Business is another important industry in Pune. Every day, new businesses open their doors, offering a wide range of services. 

Additionally, established ones may require new prospective clients or may choose to sell their firm to someone else. Others are interested in purchasing an existing firm. A business broker fills this void. 

Despite the fact that it is a complicated niche, it is a very profitable one. If a person has past business expertise in the business field, they will be able to readily identify key hotspots.

6) Online Marketing Firm: Best Business Ideas in Pune with Investment

Almost everyone has built their company online during the shutdown after the Covid era. 

To achieve adequate success, the company must be properly advertised on online social media platforms in order to attract new consumers on a daily basis. 

So, if the individual can keep up with Google’s evolving algorithms and has past experience in this field, they may quickly transform their skill into a company. 

They can start with a part-time job and eventually progress to a full-time position.

7) Child Care Center: Home Based Business Ideas in Pune

This company is already well-established and profitable in a number of major cities. Women in developed cities work and so require someone to care for their children.

Thus, opening an infant care centre is a good option. It will not take much investment at first, but as the firm grows, it will be able to expand by offering new services. 

A female will be better suited to operate this sort of firm, but a guy can start by hiring a few female employees.

8) Fast food restaurant: Small Business Ideas in Pune

fast food restaurants Small Business Ideas in Pune

Speedy-service restaurants, such as McDonald’s and KFC, provide quick service. This would be a great concept for a city like Pune because it has a large number of youthful people, implying exponential growth. 

Online delivery services might also be beneficial to the business. If an individual is hesitant to establish their own business, they might purchase a franchise from any well-known firm.

9) The old book trade: Side Business Ideas in Pune

In a city like Pune, buying and selling used books may be a fantastic opportunity. Before the start of new sessions, the individual might contact students from other institutions and offer them books that meet their needs at a cheaper price than what is available on the market. 

Because not all students are ready to invest in acquiring books, Xerox copied notes can also be sold to generate extra money.

10) Coaching Institute: Part Time Business Ideas in Pune

Many students have to leave their hometowns to prepare for higher education since adequate coaching is not accessible in their hometown. 

They relocate to places such as Delhi, Kota, and Bengaluru to pursue further education. 

Thus, by establishing a coaching facility, one may simply bridge the distance and assist students in preparing in their native city. This tutoring business will undoubtedly be successful.


Today, we see a lot of young and active individuals who want to establish a small business and are still looking for low-cost business ideas. 

If you have a significant amount of money and are prepared to invest it in a company to make a livelihood, Pune is the place for you. 

It is home to a thriving community of students and young professionals, making it perfect for the introduction of businesses that cater to these groups.

As a result, anyone starting a business here would profit from a large client base. It is now time to make a decision depending on your investment, experience, workforce, industry demand, and other variables. 

You have several options to choose from, and you will make a lot of money. Simply, have faith in yourself.

Now, it’s your turn,

What do you think about these business ideas?

If you have any business ideas in Pune, you can share in the comment.

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