11 Profitable Business ideas in Kerala with Low investment(2021)

Do you want to start your own business?

What better place to do so than in Kerala, the world’s only ‘Start-up Ecosystem’?

If you’re looking for best business ideas in Kerala, you’ve come to the right spot. 

In this article, we will inform you about the most common as well as lucrative opportunities for businesses in India, and you will be able to start your own company with a very small or large investment.

Kerala is a very investor-friendly state; it has a literacy rate of 100 percent and a digital penetration of 100 percent. 

When we compare the state to other locations, we can see that the cost of operations for some kind of start-up in this state is very low.

The rents are very low here, and you will be able to obtain water, electricity, and transportation at a very low cost for industrial purposes.

It makes little difference whether you live in Kerala or not; you can start a company on a small scale with very little investment in this state.

In this post, we will discuss some of the methods you may use to start your own company. To learn more about these opportunities, read the whole post.

best business ideas in Kerala
Profitable Business Ideas In Kerala

11 Profitable Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Profitable New Business Ideas In Kerala for Small & Home based Business?

Here is a list of some of the most profitable New business ideas in Kerala:

1) Real Estate Agency/Property Operations Facilities: Small Business ideas in Kerala

Real Estate Agency New business ideas in kerala

Renting out and locating appropriate renters, as well as planning and selling a property for rental, maybe a new line of work in Kochi. 

This is one of the profitable business ideas in Kerala with low investment where we can survive long in the market. 

A location with too much to give sees strong demand for room to rent or purchase. 

Being a real estate agent and operating assets can be a profitable business venture for communities.

2) The Jewellery Industry: New Business ideas in Kerala with low investment 

Jewellery Industry online business ideas in Kerala

Jewellery Industry is one of the biggest industry in the market and it’s a profitable small business in Kerala. 

Jewellery manufacturing is one of India’s oldest industries, and Kochi is a leader in this field. 

Kerala is well known for having the most traditional and beautiful jewellery designs in the entire world. 

There is also a spot in Kerala at Kochi known as “Jewel Junction” where you can find some of the best jewellers in the world. 

Thus, starting a jewellery company in Kerala is a lucrative decision because it combines art and benefactors in one place.

3) Accounting Services: Online Business ideas in Kerala

Accounting Services online business ideas in kerala

Young Accountants in Kerala have a lot of opportunities to launch their own accounting firms. This is the best online business idea in Kerala.

If new companies grow, there will be a need for accounting services, whether large or small. 

Since most small and medium-sized businesses tend to outsource the majority of their accounting jobs, aspiring accounting practitioners will see this as a perfect opportunity to build on.

4) Services for Home Decoration: Home Based Business ideas in Kerala

Services for Home Decoration home based business ideas in kerala

People who enjoy making home decorations have a great opportunity in Kerala to open their own online home decor shop which is the easiest home based business idea in Kerala and you can also earn more profit by applying different business tips 

You will create and sell home decor items such as wall arts, frames, designer candles and vases, portraits, kitchen dining, and a variety of other accessories online. 

This is a fantastic home based business idea in Kerala without investment that have opportunity for those with the ability to design and build something exquisite that will enhance the beauty and elegance of our house.

5) Tourism and the Hotel Industry: Small Business ideas in Kerala with low investment

Kerala’s tourism sector has enormous potential for the future. This industry accounts for 13% of GDP. 

Tourism is a big venture and it is a successful and profitable small business idea in Kerala Aside from the picturesque attraction, each of the historic quarter’s main attractions plays an important part.

There are many heritage houses and forts that have been effectively converted into hotels, drawing visitors from all over the world to Kerala. 

Thus, obviously, investing in the tourism industry here is a really smart investment that can yield big returns in the long run.

6) Franchise Business: Self Business ideas in Kerala

Franchise Business online business ideas in kerala

Many cities in Kerala are regarded as prime locations to launch a franchise company ranging from food to education to healthcare to travel and many more, the demand for distributorship and dealership opportunities in Kerala, some of which are:

  • Restaurant Franchising 
  • Bakery Franchising 
  • Laundry Franchising 
  • Clothing Franchising

7) Medicine and Biotechnology: New Business ideas in Kerala

Medicine and Biotechnology Small Bu business ideas in kerala

Kerala’s biodiversity makes it one of the most promising areas for biotechnology, opening up a wide range of opportunities for medicine and pharmaceutical firms. 

Furthermore, the existence of existing research institutes such as the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Biotechnology, the Indian Institute for Spices Research, the Kerala Agricultural University, and others ensure the requisite qualified human resources.

8) Export Business: Small Business ideas in Kerala

Export Business small business ideas in kerala

Export business is a vast sector and more profitable new business idea in Kerala. Vegetables, spices, and bamboo crafts have a lot of potential for export. 

Kerala grows 70% of the world’s coconuts. Banana wafers are a modern trending industry for the coming years. 

Bamboos are used to make a lot of paper, so it’s another way for businesses to flourish.

9) Business of Selling Perfumes: Online  Business ideas in Kerala with low investment

Business of Selling Perfumes small business ideas in kerala with low investment

A perfumery sells a variety of scent lines, catering to a wide range of preferences. 

It is important to have in-depth knowledge of fragrances, as well as how to conserve and commercialize them.

  • You must choose a location with sufficient humidity and light to ensure that the materials do not improve.
  • It is important to acquire perfume shelves.
  • Provide a diverse range of perfumes to fit both tastes and budgets.

Kerala is home to the well-known Start-up Village, India’s first government-supported start-up incubator. 

There are numerous companies that you can launch in the state because it is not only gorgeous but also nurturing for entrepreneurs. It is beneficial to small businesses.

It is a small sector with huge business in market. This is one of the best business idea in Kerala.

10) Business with Acrylic Objects: New Business ideas in Kerala

Many businesses need acrylic accessories such as office stands, counters, and vases, among other things. This is a very lucrative market; simply invest in the appropriate segment.

If you’re wondering what kind of business to start at home, an acrylic artifact company could be a good choice. 

It is not entirely appropriate to make a marketing argument, but only one piece must be removed from the objects.

  • There must be enough space to set up a small warehouse.
  • Purchase the requisite production equipment and machinery.
  • Provide a wide range of acrylic products.
  • Collaborate with businesses that are specialized in objects.

11) Starting A Mineral Water Trading Company: New Business ideas in Kerala

Starting A Mineral Water Trading Company home based business ideas in kerala without investment

Because of the chemical processes that are used to purify the water before it reaches people’s homes, the water that reaches their homes is not always of high quality. 

Individuals often turn to mineral water in search of a higher quality of life. Starting a company in this field requires little capital. This Small business idea in Kerala yields high profit.

  • It is important to have enough room to store liters of water.
  • To provide bottles, flasks, and glasses of mineral water to satisfy all needs.
  • To have a vehicle to deliver.
  • To publicize the service.


These were the Kerala market prospects. You can learn how to start a company in Kerala and how to run a profitable business in Kerala with the assistance of these resources.

If you have any other business ideas in Kerala, please share them in the comments, and if you have any tips for viable business ideas, please share them as well.

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