Top 11 Business Ideas in Bangalore With Low Investment (2021)

If you think of doing something new in this year, it is essential to keep in mind the new normal. 

How people use it to start using products and services have changed a lot because of the Covid-19 epidemic itself. 

It is important to have good ideas before you start a business. Until you see how the coming year is going, you can be given good services to provide a complete thought to those ideas about people rather than traditional businesses. 

In this article, you will find some profitable business ideas in bangalore without investment or with investment.

Choose a business idea that you are well aware of before starting a business or determine what you want to do in the market. There are good business ideas in Bangalore for this year including side business ideas and part time business ideas etc.

We have written for all those who want to start their new business and are looking for ideas, but you are having a bit of difficulty in starting your business. This post is only for you.

If you’re going to become a good businessman, then you have a great company. You can also create your website to launch your business.

You have to be motivated towards the industry. It all starts with ideas that have the scope to grow over time. 

This business list includes some good businesses that will help you achieve success in this year and beyond. 

So, without further ado,

Let’s get started

business ideas in bangalore
Best Profitable Business Ideas in Bangalore With Low Investment

Best Profitable Business Ideas in Bangalore With Low Investment

You have thought that you will do your own business and are ready for it and consider vigorously pursuing that business, and then you can think of any of these profitable business ideas in bangalore.

1) Medical Courier Service: Side Business Ideas in Bangalore

If you have a vehicle available then you can also consider creating your courier service. Medical couriers as drivers can consider all these things—a medical courier service. As a driver, you may be responsible for transporting medical items such as laboratory samples, medicines as drivers. 

Health services are expanding, which are very good for medical courier service job stability, and you can start your own business; if you do not want to work on your own, you can also hire drivers, which can create your own business.

2) Application Developer: Startup Business Ideas in Bangalore

If you have IT knowledge and experience in it, you can also think of making a career in app development. Today, the IT sector has become developed, and in all countries, smartphones have become everyday accessories. 

Smartphones are in demand, due to which mobile apps have increased. In the same way, virtual reality software has become very popular in recent years, so the need for applications has also increased. You are aware of technology, and you can make a career in it.

3) Can make a career in online teaching: Business Ideas in Bangalore Without Investment

Due to covid-19, you can consider an online business; you can make online education your business. 

You can choose any subject about which you have good knowledge, have good knowledge, and regardless of your location, you can take the course. Suppose you are not very good at any subject and you have less knowledge. 

In that case, you can also consider increasing the knowledge of English as a foreign language online, because for the people seeking online education, on their own we have opened the possibility of starting ai. We can do any cost effective online business sitting at home.

4) Home Care Services: Home Business Ideas in Bangalore

Home Care Services Side Business Ideas in Bangalore

A home care service background can go a long way to support home-dwelling seniors who require in-home care. It is also a service whose demand is bound to increase further. 

Care for ghosts in times to come, and help will be needed many times, even in your own homes. It will be your good fortune to help you in helping things and also develop a successful businessman at one time.

Many seniors need help with everything from household chores. With some experience, you can consider growing your business to help seniors with assisted living facilities from their homes, providing services such as packing, transporting, installing, or storing their furniture and property. 

5) Work on digital marketing: Business Ideas in Bangalore With Low Investment

Nowadays, the importance of the internet is increasing, and it will grow even more, so it has become a little difficult to do business in the market. 

Many small companies prefer to outsource it than if you have an expensive team if you know SEO, content marketing, web development, or social media management. 

You can have business often, so you can do your work from anywhere. Digital marketing is an important part of the brand. If you work in digital marketing, it is important to include messages to see if you plan your plans. 

If you like to prepare and implement them, then the digital marketing business is very good for you.

6) Food Truck: Food Business Ideas in Bangalore

Selling foods in food trucks is also a very good business in many places right now. More success can also be found with food trucks. 

Food trucks come in all sizes that serve a wide range of snacks and dishes, whatever you like to eat. Make a style of it and show your skills to the customers. If your cooking is good and you want to start it yourself, it is very good. 

This gives you the stability and added benefit of mobility. Think well to grow your food truck business at full speed.

7) Car Rental Services: Best Profitable Business Ideas in Bangalore

Car Rental Services Best Profitable Business Ideas in Bangalore

If you have a lot of cars or a single car, then you can start your business from it too. If you do not want to use it as such a driver, you can also start your business by renting the work. 

Like many customers whose car is not available in the house, and they need a car to go out, you can provide your cars because nowadays the car is available at the stand but only with the driver. 

And many customers like to take a driver along; if you have knowledge about cars today, you can make a system of it; you can prepare a list that you can use as a data format and rent your car. 

8) Graphic Designer: Side Business Ideas in Bangalore

Graphic design also has the advantage of requiring some physical devices in addition to laptops and desks. 

Small businesses and all-around people require attractive promotional materials, but almost everyone does not see what looks good. 

Suppose you have an artistic streak and know how to organize content in an attractive format. In that case, you can start a graphic design business to provide digital advertising, posters, and other engaging visual content.

9) Freelance copywriter: Part Time Business Ideas in Bangalore

If you are a good word car with little marketing life, you can also establish yourself as a copywriter. You can write blogs, web content, or press releases; many companies will pay for your services. 

You can write about all these, you can give your clients to formulate strategies to work on specific keywords, and if you create a list table, you can also build your value by taking SU knowledge. 

Copywriters charge 40 to ₹ 50 for 1 hour. Copywriting is very good because as long as you have an internet connection, you can work out what it is like to be able to sit at home comfortably if you set up a large network. And receive referrals from satisfied clients; you can also make freelance writing your full-time job.

10) Online reseller: Online Business Ideas in Bangalore

People who are fond of clothes or sales can also start an online seller business, but it takes a little time and support and is a good idea for fashion. You can work on it diligently and all those who come to do so. 

It is important to have knowledge of new fashion, you can also sell it out by creating an online website and if you create your own website and expand it or business can grow a lot.

11) T-shirt printing business: Business Ideas in Bangalore Without Investment

Tshirt Printing Best Business Ideas in Bangalore without Investment

You can also start your business by printing T-shirts. If you have a sharp artistic sense, taking a picture view of others, screen printing on a blank t-shirt is also art if you have space for a t-shirt printing setup. You can easily think of starting a small business.


If you want to start your own business, then there are many businesse ideas in bangalore that you can start according to your knowledge. 

In this article, we have told you about profitable business ideas with or without investment.

Still, if you have any questions or want to suggest any good business ideas in bangalore please comment below.

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