Web Development Trends: The Ultimate List (2021)

As we know that all the organisms in the world communicate with each other, so computers do the same. Weird! Huh. 

But the way of communication among the computers is different, and they require binary codes and commands to process various information.

The method of computer communication is done by mark-up languages and multimedia packages known as Web Technology. There is the technology of communication created by humans in the forms of webpage or website, which can be further browsers.

Companies are starting their business with websites. So that the web development trends are changing.

In the last two decades, web development technology has helped in tremendous ways. From our studies to the growing multinational companies, web technologies have played a very important role.

Now, how do they help us? When we open the internet to search for something that we want to know, we open websites. 

These websites are developed by multiple WebPages. Even when we open our cell phones, we can see applications. 

In this steadily developing modern world, new web technologies emerge every day. The web development trends offers multiple opportunities to entrepreneurs to learn more and stay competitive in the market. 

In this article, you will know about the top web development trends you have to follow in this year.

Web development trends
Web Development Trends

Top Web Development Trends for 2021

You must know these below web development trends in this year:

1) Progressive web application

It is a website that behaves and appears like a mobile app. PWA is built using web technologies that are common, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

It can work on both mobile devices and desktop platforms which uses the standards-compliant browser. PWA gives the feel and function like an actual naïve app. 

Due to some smart additions to it, websites can readily be turned into progressive web apps.

2) Artificial intelligence and bots 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the stimulation of human intelligence in machines; it is developed in machines so that they can program to think like humans and can mimic their action that involves consciousness and emotionality. 

AI is developed and can term all the machines that exhibit traits associated with a human mind in learning and problem-solving.

Bots are short for “robot”; it is an automated program that runs over the internet. Some bots can run automatically, but some require a command to execute. 

The bot is a software application that is developed to do a certain task, replacing humans. Typically they do the repetitive task much faster than human users. 

Bots can be of various types; according to the task they perform, they are differentiated as a good bot and a bad bot. More than half of the internet network is operated by bots these days. 

They operate in scanning content, interacting with web pages, chatting with users, and looking for attack targets. Bots can be named chatbots, web crawlers (google bots), social bots, and so on. 

3) Voice search/ Voice assistant

It is easy to give a command and to get the work done. So here is a technology that is developed to work as per the voice command of the user. Giving a voice command saves time than typing, and it also makes the work easier for humans.

4) Serverless architecture

It is also known as serverless computing function as a service (FaaS). It is a software design pattern where applications are hosted by a third-party service, by doing this eliminates the requirement of server hardware and software management by the developer.

5) Motion UI

It is the latest front-end technology developed to liven up the web interface, enhance the appeal and enrich the user’s experience. To be precise, it powers and develops attractive, customized transition effects and animation.

6) Single-page application

SPA is an app that doesn’t require reloading while using it. The app itself works within the browser, and the user can work in a natural environment. 

The most important advantage of the SPA is its speed. But the device is poor; the user experiences poor speed quality; in return, the advantage turns into a disadvantage.

7) Responsive websites

It can also be said to be responsive web design. It is an approach to web design for crafting. In conclusion, we can say that it is an approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of the website depending on the screen size and orientation of the device.

8) Blockchain technology

It is an information recording system that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. It is developed to store the public database; typically, it is referred to as a “digital ledger.”

9) Internet of thing

It refers to the billions of physical devices that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies. 

They are specially developed for connecting with each other exchanging data over the internet. IoT provides multiple benefits like monitoring an overall business for an organization. 

It can save time and money. It helps in enhancing employee productivity. It improves customer experience and many more.

10) Mobile-first development

From the name itself, we can get the idea that it might first develop for mobile before designing for the desktop web or any other device. 

By introducing the mobile version of a website gives time for the development of the desktop web design. 

So here a question arises that “Why mobile-first development?” as we can see that the use of mobile devices takes up to 5 hours of our daytime, which is a 6% increase in mobile application usage each year. So it is better to introduce the mobile version in the desktop version.

11) Automated testing

It is software also known as Test Automation. By name, we can assume that it is an automatic technique that is not done manually by people, obviously. 

It enters the data into the System under Test, compares, and generates detailed test reports. It is beneficial in increasing the depth and scope of tests to help improve the software quality. 

It is possible that lengthy tests can often be avoided in manual testing, which may further run unattended. 

12) Accelerated mobile pages

It is a simple initiative to speed up the mobile page and make it user friendly. While enjoying content, it is necessary and important for the web developer to provide a faster mobile site experience to hold the client’s attention. 

So AMP is used in various types of shopping sites, blogs, content writers, social media sites, etc. The AMP was born in the collaboration between Twitter and Google. 

AMPs are developed to turn fast web pages that turn viewers into customers, and this will lead to an increase in revenue. The AMPs with higher views get a higher rate of advertisement, which are further awarded and paid by Google. 

13) Push notification

Sometimes while surfing the internet, some sudden messages pops-out in front of the screen out of nowhere. These are messages from various companies to convey information like various offers, trending items, discounts, lucky winners, and many more. 

It is basically to get the attention of the users. These are important in case when we start a new channel, and we want to give information and want to earn viewers. 

It consists of a title, a message, an image, and most importantly, an URL. These are designed in a very creative and attractive way to pull the attention of viewers. 

14) GDPR and cybersecurity

The full form of GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation. It is the first comprehensive overhaul and replacement of European data protection legislation, which was over after twenty years.

Cybersecurity is the state of being protected against any misuse of electronic data by unauthorized or criminal activity. 

This technology is specially developed to protect and aims to reduce the risk of cyberattacks. There are most importantly seven types of cybersecurity threats, which are as follows – 

  • Malware – it is malicious software that gets activated by clicking the link or attachment by the user. These are spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms.
  • Emotet – it is an advanced, modular banking Trojan that primarily works as a downloader or dropper of other Trojan banking.
  • Denial of Service – By the name, we can understand the concept of the term. Here the cyber attacks are flooded in a computer with denial of any request.
  • Man in the Middle– The hacker inserts themselves in between two-party transactions. This usually happens when we use an unprotected Wi-Fi network.
  • Phishing – It is a kind of attack used as fake communication, such as email and many other ways. This is usually done to steal sensitive information like bank details. 
  • SQL Injection – It means Structured Query Language is inserting malicious code into the server to release information.


Starting from small home developing sites to various multinational companies, many have been using websites of their own. 

But due to sudden changes in the environment in the last couple of years, many traders who have been working as offline workers are now shifting to online workers. 

Any web development trends missing in this article?

Please let me know in the comment.

Priyansh Jain

Priyansh Jain

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