Studiorific Review: Best Social Media Management Tool (2021)

Studiorific review: Studiorific is All in one Social Media Management tool which helps to build brand on social media. 

Are you a small business owner or a busy digital marketer looking for the best social media management tool in 2021?

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In this Studiorific review, you will learn all you need to know about this really cool platform which turns hours of social media marketing processes into 15 minutes.

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studiorific review
Studiorific Review

Studiorific Review

Studiorific is an All in one Social Media Management tool which helps to build a brand on social media. You can save your social media time through scheduling, boost 10X social media user engagement and grow your subscribers and followers on social media.

What is Studiorific?

Studiorific is an All in one Social Media Management tool comes with Social media management tool ( Studiorific Social), Email Marketing tool (Studiorific Campaign), Business Management tool (Studiorific Manager) and Business Analysis Software (Studiorific Analytics). Build your online presence with Studiorific suite.

Studiorific Tools and Features:

In brief, this is a social media management platform which hosts a few different features:

  • Social media scheduler and reposter
  • Social media schedule
  • File manager
  • Image editor
  • Brand builder
  • Social media caption optimizer
  • Team manager
  • Instagram analytics and direct messages

Studiorific’s Tools and Features (In-depth Review)

To understand the full power of Studiorific and what makes it the best social media management platform for 2021, let’s take a look at each of its tools and analyze how it helps you optimize your marketing strategy.

1) Social Media Scheduler and Reposter

Scheduling the same posts on multiple social media accounts or on different networks is tedious when done the traditional way. 

You have to upload the same visual, type the same caption, and add the same hashtags.

With Studiorific’s social media scheduler, you can prepare a single post and schedule it on multiple accounts on different social media sites. 

This helps you save a lot of time and energy and lets you focus your attention on more creative tasks such as creating content for your social media strategy.

Moreover, Studiorific gives you access to all must-have social media platforms in 2021. With Premium account, you can schedule posts on:

  • Facebook (business pages and groups)
  • Instagram (personal and business accounts)
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn (personal profiles and business pages)
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube

Social Media Scheduler and Reposter

Not to mention that with Premium account, you can connect as many as 88 social media accounts, distributed among networks as you choose.

This makes this plan ideal for digital marketing agencies and freelancer marketers working with multiple clients. 

Meanwhile, the Basic and Standard plans are well-suited for the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.

By the way, the Group Manager available on the platform allows you to organize your accounts into groups which you define yourself. For example, you can group a single client’s accounts together.

Before you start working on a post on Studiorific, you choose whether to have it published on just one account or on different accounts and on different platforms.

After you are done with your post, you can either have it go live right away or schedule it for publication later on. 

The social media scheduler allows you to schedule dozens of posts at one sitting so that you don’t have to worry about this for the next few days or even weeks.

Another really cool and important feature which is part of the social media scheduler is the reposter

You can have your post published just once or you can schedule it for re-publishing at an interval chosen by you. 

For example, you can schedule your evergreen content to be shared with your social media followers once a month, and you can have your holiday promotions be reshared every day for a week or for a month.

All this means that you can prepare a post once and have it get published over and over again, without the need to re-upload the photo, re-type the text, or any other repetitive actions.

2) Social Media Schedule

As the best social media management tool in 2021, Studiorific also features a calendar. Actually, you get access to three different Schedules:

  • Queue: Here you get access to a visual representation of all your currently scheduled posts that are about to go live in the future.
  • Published: This schedule shows you all your posts that have already been published through the Studiorific Social platform.
  • Unpublished: This calendar shows you posts that may have failed to post for various reasons. Moreover, each non-published post comes with a suggested solution on how to fix the problem with its publication.

Social Media Schedule

All three calendars allow you to organize your posts by account, group, and social media platform which makes it easier to go through them and ensure that your social media marketing strategy is well-balanced and well-organized.

3) File Manager

One of the most cumbersome tasks related to scheduling posts on social media is uploading image and video files. 

While visual content is a must for this type of marketing, it is annoying to have to upload the same photo or video each time that you want to share it with your audience.

Studiorific Social has provided a very straightforward solution to this problem: the File Manager.

File Manager

This is where all your photo and video files get stored once you upload them for a post. This is done automatically, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to save your visuals.

The next time that you want to use an image you’ve already used in one of your previous posts, all you have to do is to simply open the File Manager and select the file. It will be added to your new post right away.

4) Image Editor

How many times have you uploaded a file to share on social media to realize that you need to make an edit to it? This usually means having to make the change offline and reupload the file again.

Not with Studiorific Social. Another great tool which makes this the best social  media management platform for 2021 is the image editor.

Once you’ve uploaded a photo, you can open it in the available editor tool and make all necessary changes there. There’s no need to go offline and re-upload.

Image Editor

While this might seem like a small extra, it helps you save lots of time.

5) Brand Builder

Another great feature that you don’t see on other social media scheduling platforms is what Studiorific Social calls Watermark

This tool allows you to upload your brand logo so that it gets automatically added to all photos and images that you post through the Studiorific application.

This means that Studiorific has completely automated the process of branding your visual content.

Importantly for marketing agencies and freelancer marketers, you can add a different logo for each of your accounts. This means that you can brand the images of each of your clients individually.

6) Social Media Caption Optimizer

Regardless of the industry, most businesses end up using the same or very similar captains with many of their social media posts. Not to mention the repetitive use of hashtags, and how tedious they are to type each time.

The Caption tool available on Studiorific Social allows you to save your frequently used captions and reuse them with future posts. 

While this option can be useful for many different types of social media captions, it really helps you save a ton of time when it comes to hashtags.

Social Media Caption Optimizer

7) Team Manager

Social media marketing is a team sport. That’s why it’s important to be able to collaborate with your team members (if you are a business) and with your clients (if you are a freelancer marketer). Studiorific Social meets this requirement through the Team Manager.

This tool allows you to invite multiple team members so that you can work together on implementing your marketing strategy. 

Moreover, you can have a few different teams, which is a must for agencies with numerous clients.

8) Instagram Analytics and Direct Messages

Studiorific Social makes scheduling posts on all social media platforms a piece of cake. But they take Instagram marketing to a whole new level.

How they handle IG marketing is what solidifies their position as the number one social media management platform in 2021.

First of all, unlike most social media tools out there, Studiorific has really automated the process of scheduling posts on Instagram.

You don’t need to use your mobile at any point. You can schedule posts from your computer directly. And when the time comes for your post to go live, you don’t need to do anything – no mobile push notifications or the likes. Studiorific Social takes care of everything.

Furthermore, with Standard and Premium plans, you get access to comprehensive analytics of the performance of your IG accounts and your IG posts. 

You see numerical and visual representations of trends in your followers, likes, comments, and other important Instagram Analytics.

In addition, you can send and receive Instagram direct messages right on the platform. This means that you can be chatting with your Instagram followers from the same website while scheduling posts on Instagram or another social media network.

So, these are the tools and features that make Studiorific the best social media management platform in 2021.

But don’t take our word for granted. Test the potential of Studiorific Social for yourself.

Studiorific Review From User

Studiorific got mixed reviews on trustpilot. 73% marketer said “this is an excellent tool and helped a lot.”

Studiorific Reviews by lans
Studiorific Review by lans
Studiorific Reviews by Ahmad
Studiorific Review by Ahmad

Studiorific Social Pricing

Studiorific has a monthly and annual plan.

  • Basic ( 4 Social Accounts)
  • Standard ( 30 Social Accounts)
  • Platinum ( 88 Social Accounts)

Here is the studiorific social plan for you

Studiorific Pricing
Studiorific Pricing

Final words on Studiorific Review

Studiorific is the best all in one social media marketing suite for busy digital marketer or social media expert.

If you don’t have time to spend on your business accounts, this is the great social media and email marketing tool to build an online presence within 15 minutes.

If you have any questions or feedback on studiorific review, please let me know in the comment.

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