Affiliate Booster Theme Review: Get Exclusive 25% OFF [Today Only]

Affiliate Booster theme review: An ultra-fast loading and schema optimized affiliate WordPress theme + plugin helping to make million dollars through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate booster is specially built for affiliate marketers, so they can easily promote affiliate marketing products without any hassle.

Suppose you are an Amazon affiliate marketer and want to start a new amazon affiliate website this year. In that case, this is the best Amazon affiliate WordPress theme and plugin available in the market at an affordable price.

In this affiliate booster review, you will get

  • What is an Affiliate Booster
  • AB theme review
  • AB plugin review
  • How to install Affiliate booster theme and plugin and activate license key
  • Exclusive Affiliate Booster discount coupons
  • FREE 50 Amazon affiliate keywords for your niche (Worth $50)

In fact, this post is designed using an affiliate booster plugin.

Without further ado,

Let’s get started.

Affiliate Booster Coupon/ Discount

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Affiliate Booster

An ultra-fast loading and schema optimized affiliate WordPress theme + plugin helping to make million of dollars through affiliate marketing.
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If you purchase an affiliate booster from this post, you will get FREE 50 Amazon affiliate keywords for your niche (Worth $50)

Affiliate Booster Theme Review:

Affiliate Booster theme review

Affiliate booster is the affiliate WordPress theme with the feature of Schema Optimized, Ultra Fast Loading, 100% Mobile Responsive, Made for Affiliators, Elementor Compatible, Easy Customization, Colors Control, 100% Gutenberg Compatible and Typography Control etc. This is the best Amazon affiliate WordPress theme in the market at a cheap price.

What is Affiliate Booster?

An affiliate booster is the combination of an affiliate booster theme and an affiliate booster plugin. This is built for affiliate marketers only. You can easily power up your conversions with an affiliate booster.


CreatorKulwant Nagi
ProductAffiliate Booster
Launch Date15th July 2020
NicheAffiliate WordPress Theme
Refund30 Days
Support24×7 hours

AB Features:

  • Schema Optimized
  • Ultra-Fast Loading
  • Easy Customization
  • Typography Control
  • Colours Control
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Made for Affiliates
  • Elementor Compatible
  • Global Color Palette
  • Colour Options
  • Global Typography
  • Global Button Settings
  • Global Container width
  • Sidebar width
  • 4 Menu Options
  • Custom Scripts
  • Author Bio Control
  • Disclaimer
  • Featured Image Control
  • Sub Menu Controls
  • Sticky Header
  • Scroll To Top
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Post, Page & Archive Layouts

Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster

The Good

  • Compatible with Elementor
  • Schema Optimized
  • Fast Loading
  • Conversion optimized

The Bad

  • Need high-speed internet

If you purchase an affiliate booster from this post, you will get FREE 50 Amazon affiliate keywords for your niche (Worth $50)


Once you purchase the affiliate booster pack, the team will support you for 1 year.
Support Link:

AB Training:

Affiliate Booster is the drag n drop WordPress theme. You don’t have to take any tension while installing the WordPress theme on your website.

They have already written an in-depth article about how to install an affiliate booster theme and plugin on your blog.

Affiliate Booster Demo:

Affiliate Booster Theme Review:

After getting access to the affiliate booster theme and installing it on my blog, what I found and experienced that I will share with you in this in-depth review.

So without further ado,

Let’s get started

1) Header Design:

When you purchase this theme, you will get 6 pre-made templates that will save your time of header design. ( As per my experience, every header needs 1 hour of coding skills but when you buy this theme it will take hardly 15 minutes)

Is it Awesome?

Pick any design of your choice and make a professional-looking affiliate or amazon affiliate site without any hassle.

2) Homepage Design:

The homepage is the most visiting page of any website. If it does not look professional, it will affect your business growth.

Affiliate boosters come up with well-optimized designs for professional bloggers and affiliate marketers. 

Its full width featured images layout, full-width layout with grid and stunning grid layout give a professional look to your website.

3) Schema:

When you talk about your website SEO, Schema is the advanced part of SEO.

If your website is well optimized with, it will help you to rank faster.

The affiliate booster theme is well schema optimized and the code loads lightning fast.

4) Ultra Fast Loading:

According to Amazon, if your website takes time to load, you will lose 50% of sales.

In fact, loading speed is one of the ranking factors this year.

Affiliate booster theme developed by experts. They spend a lot of time optimizing the code.

So enjoy flash speed on your affiliate blog.

5) Easy Customization:

Affiliate booster theme is designed for affiliate marketers and bloggers. If you don’t have any technical knowledge still you can customize, this is the power of easy customization of affiliate booster.

6) Typography Control:

Typography adds immense presence in the article. You can directly adjust the typography in the affiliate booster customizer tab with ease.

7) Colors Control:

Affiliate booster gives you the colours control option in the theme. You can directly change the colour palette, theme background and content background.

8) 100% Gutenberg Compatible:

Affiliate booster is 100% compatible with Gutenberg. It means you can easily add conversion-optimized blocks for more sales.

9) 100% Mobile Responsive :

Do you know Google index those websites which are 100% mobile responsive?

Affiliate Booster is 100% mobile responsive and looks great on every mobile screen.

10) Made for Affiliates:

If you are an affiliate marketer and want to increase CTR and Sales, an Affiliate booster theme is made for you.

11) Elementor Compatible :

As we know that, Elementor is the #1 page builder in the WordPress world. Affiliate booster is 100% compatible with the elementor.

If you purchase an affiliate booster from this post, you will get FREE 50 Amazon affiliate keywords for your niche (Worth $50)

Affiliate Booster Plugin Review

The affiliate booster plugin is FREE when you buy an Affiliate booster bundle. It has conversion-optimized blocks that will help you to create a better landing page than elementor too.

That’s why I bought an Affiliate booster.

If you want to become a premium affiliate marketer, you should have these tools in your affiliate basket.

  1. Astra
  2. Elementor Pro
  3. Affiliate Booster

Without further ado,

Let’s reveal it Affiliate booster plugin.

1) Pros and Cons Block:

Affiliate booster pros and cons

Do you know, when people buy anything on the internet they first see the pros and cons of that product?

Affiliate booster plugin has this block in their blocks. You can add beautiful pros and cons to your affiliate blog and get tons of conversion.

2) Comparison Block:

Affiliate booster comparision table

As we know, when we want something we compare the available product with each other and make the final decision on the basis of rating.

So let’s compare your affiliate products and make it very simple for your readers to make the instant decision.

3) Good Bad Review Block:

Affiliate booster good bad block

If you are reviewing a single product, this block can save your time. You have to just pick the good features and bad features of that product and highlight it with a simple customize setting in the block.

4) Top – Picked Block:

Affiliate booster top picked product

What I liked most in the affiliate booster plugin is Top-Picked Block because this really helps me to increase my affiliate revenue by 5X.

Pick your #1 product in the list and highlight it after the first paragraph.

It will grab the customers attention and increase your conversion.

5) Call to Action Block:

Call to Action (CTA) is a more popular word in the affiliate marketing industry.

A clickbait CTA gives you the more quality visitors that would be possible to convert.

When your website gets more CTR, it means your conversion is more.

If you are not using perfect CTA in your affiliate blog, it means you are not taking care of conversion.

6) Notice Display Block:

If you want to display some notice about any affiliate product this block can help you.

When you are finishing your article and want to conclude something about affiliate articles, this notice block adds a beautiful design to your page.

If you purchase an affiliate booster from this post, you will get FREE 50 Amazon affiliate keywords for your niche (Worth $50)

Affiliate Booster Review from Users:

When affiliate marketers purchased the AB and built their affiliate product review using AB Plugin, they found some interesting facts like Ease to use, conversion, Fast loading speed and much more.

Let’s see their reviews

affiliate booster review from anil
affiliate booster review from irfan

Affiliate Booster Pricing

Theme + PluginPlugin
Single Site: $49/year Single Site: $39/year
25 Sites: $69/year 25 Sites: $49/year
50 Sites: $99/year 50 Sites: $69/year

If you purchase an affiliate booster from this post, you will get FREE 50 Amazon affiliate keywords for your niche (Worth $50)


1) What is Affiliate Booster (Theme or Plugin)?

Affiliate Booster is the combination of theme and plugin. You can create a beautiful website with 6 header designs, 9 homepage layouts and 4 single post layouts. 
You can earn passive income by adding a conversion-optimized widget or block to your affiliate article.

2) Can we get a plugin in the affiliate booster?

When you purchase the affiliate booster, you will get an affiliate booster plugin absolutely FREE.

3) Will the plugin work with a classic editor?

No! This plugin is compatible with Gutenberg only, so you can’t edit the blog with a classic editor.

4) Can we use affiliate booster plugin only for blog articles? Because we already set up a website with Astra + Elementor Pro?

Yes! You can use this plugin with any theme.

5) Can we create the blocks using Elementor?

No! This is only compatible with Gutenberg and the elementor has different blocks. So it won’t work on the elementor.

6) Can we create landing pages with Affiliate Booster?

No! Affiliate Booster is a WordPress theme and it is best suited to affiliate blogs. If you need landing pages, you can install elementor pro or any third-party plugins.

7) Will we get lifetime updates?

Yes! If you buy a lifetime license pack. but if you purchase an annual license pack, you have to renew it every year with 40% OFF.

Keyword Research Pack

You can check my KGR keyword research pack service on Fiverr. Here are some benefits you will get absolutely for FREE

  • Easy to rank keywords (including keywords, KD, Volume)
  • No need to hire SEO Expert
  • SAVE your valuable Time
  • Worth $50

How to Get 50 Keyword Research Pack for FREE?

  1. Purchase the Affiliate booster from this post
  2. Share your order receipt on [email protected]
  3. Our Team will verify the order and will let you know
  4. On successful verification, you have to share the niche
  5. Our team will do keyword research based on your niche and share it you within 2-3 days.


Affiliate Booster is the best WordPress theme and plugin for affiliate marketers.

If you want to start Amazon affiliate marketing this year, an affiliate booster will make your blog into a cash cow.

If you really want to earn passive income this year, this is the best investment for this year.

Now, I want to hear from you

If you have any questions about the Affiliate booster theme review?

Please, let me know in the comment.

Affiliate Booster Review booster theme review: A ultra fast loading and schema optimized affiliate WordPress theme. Download Theme & Plugin for FREE & Get 25% OFF on Premium .InStock39USD864.94.95Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster Review

  • Loading Speed
  • Compatible with elementor
  • Schema Optimized
  • Table Block
  • Pros and Cons Block
  • Coupon Block
  • Single Product Block

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