10 Best Social Media Marketing Strategy (2021)

Yet to discover the most happening and trending marketing strategies to grow your business in 2021, then this blog is a must-read for you.

With almost 45% of the world’s population using social media, there exists no reason to keep your brand away from social media. And what’s better than showcasing your presence where your audience already is. 

With passing time, brands are investing huge budgets in marketing their products on social media and getting into the streamlined social media marketing flow. 

So, to guide you with an effective, powerful and best social media marketing strategy for 2021, we have penned down the 10 best ones.

best social media marketing strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy

10 Best Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2021

Do you want to increase revenue and grow your business using social media?

These 10 Best Social Media Marketing Strategy will skyrocket your business in 2021.

Let’s dive in

#1 Determine the preferred choice of your targeted audience

The primary and elementary step towards a successful social media marketing is defining the social channel you will showcase your presence onto.  

Brands need to discover the social media platforms where most of their targeted audience hangs out and spends time. By deciding the most preferred social platform, brands can then strategize their marketing plans that work best for the chosen platform. 

#2 Showcase your active social media presence

Creating your business profile is not just enough; you need to show your active presence as well. It is important to create connections with your audience, which is possible only if you actively display your presence.

Posting once in a blue moon and vanishing for a longer time will not make your business profile stand out in the competition, with the chances of your targeted audience forgetting your brand. 

So, brands need to display a positive and productive presence on social platforms to enhance the profile’s click rates. 

#3 Check the profile of your competitors

Competitors are the rising stones for any business, be it the fashion industry or the IT sector. Having a hawk-eye observation of what your competitors are doing is as important as preparing your marketing plan.

Brands should inculcate a habit of checking their competitor’s profile regularly and know the spots where there is room for improvement.

#4 Create engaging content

Brands should consider creating content that adds to the beauty of their brand, aligns with the aesthetics of the brand, reflects the brand’s objectives, and above all, content that has the power to attract the desires of the customers in just one look.

One such example is user-generated content that has the potential to capture the attention of the customers. Also, brands can customize and personalize this UGC according to the targeted audience and moderate it even to maintain the content’s relevance for the long term.

#5 Use user-generated content to display authenticity

Social media always relates to filters, editing, and much more, which is enough to change the look of even a small piece of content into the vibrant one. 

But this does not attract the customers anymore. What adds to the reliability of the brand is the user-generated content. Social media being the pool of user-generated content, is also the best platform to display this UGC. 

UGC, such as reviews, testimonials, ratings, plays an important role in shaping the customers’ purchase decision as it displays the authenticity, reliability, and credibility of the brand and its products. This, therefore, helps the brands to attract more customers and boost conversions.

#6 Moderate the content before reusing

Not all user-generated content speaks positively for your brand. They sometimes include irrelevant, inappropriate, filthy, and impertinent content about your brand and its products.

This negative content can degrade the market image of your brand. To maintain a dignified image, brands must moderate the content before reusing and reposting it. 

#7 Focus on hashtag relevancy

Hashtags are a group of characters that play an important role in enhancing the visibility of your brand on social media—using a generic hashtag will, although make your brand visible but will also display a lot of competitors along with your brand, which will decrease the chances of conversions for your brand.

Therefore, it is important to focus on hashtags that are relevant to your brand and can make your brand easily discoverable. These hashtags can even let you explore valuable UGC for your brand that can be used to attract customers and boost sales. 

#8 Create Shoppable posts/galleries/videos on Instagram

One of the best ways to use social media is to adopt the functionality of social selling. In simple terms, it can be defined as selling on social media. It can be done using Shoppable Posts. 

Shoppable posts are just the normal posts tagged with the product price, descriptions, specifications, and payment gateway. It is a perfect way to let the users shop while scrolling down their social media page. 

Brands can create shoppable posts, shoppable galleries, Instagram shoppable feed, Facebook shops, or shoppable videos to make the customers’ purchase journey easy and streamlined. 

Using various social commerce platforms, brands can add shoppability to the Instagram post and videos. And the best part is that you can even publish your shoppable posts on your website to increase user engagement on your website as well. 

#9 Join hands with social media influencers

Social media influencers are mood changes that can invoke a sense of desire in the customers to purchase the product. They can stimulate the customer’s desires for the product and can enforce them to influence their decision.

This is because people tend to follow their favorite influencers and try to copy the look they have chosen for themselves. This increases the brand’s conversion rates and hence accelerates the sales of the exhibited product to a great extent. 

#10 Deliver instant customer support

Give your customers what you want them to give in return, i.e., provide them with smooth and active customer support, and they will interact with the brand in a better way.

Therefore, it is important to provide your customers with a friendly environment to shop for the product and explore the brand. This will improve their engagement with the brand and make them invest in the brand without any second thought.


Social media is a platform that offers ample opportunities for brands to showcase their products exquisitely. 

This platform is a great way to ignite the customers’ desires and make them shop the product easily and smoothly. 

To make the most of these social media channels, follow these best social media marketing strategy mentioned above and skyrocket your sales to a great height. 

Is your favourite social media marketing strategies missing from the list?

If yes, then put the names below in the comments section.

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