Top 25 Best small business ideas in India (2022)

This is the ultimate list of the Top 25 best small business ideas in India this year.

In this article, you will learn some profitable and easy to start small business ideas that can be started from Home or your shop and typically don’t require that much investment.

So, if you are an entrepreneur or  working professional, this article will help you to start a profitable small business.

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best small business ideas in India
Best small business ideas in India

Top 25 Best small business ideas in India

Best small business ideas in India (Ultimate List)

1) 3D Printing: Best small manufacturing business ideas in India 

3D printing has become so popular in India that it is even displacing prototype printing techniques. If you’re considering a career in digital printing and have some experience, 3D printing could be a good place to start. 

There is not a massive amount you would need to invest in this business. However, you’ll have to acquire a 3D printing machine, in the starting stages a small machine would do. From there on, as you establish your niche and grow your customers, you may progress to the heavy machines.

3D Printing is the best small business ideas in India this year.

2) On-demand Printing: Small business ideas from Home in India

In the age of “Gen-Zee”, Since the rise of dark-academia aesthetics, it’s become a lot popular to own a custom pair of “tees”, pants, hats, phone cases, hoodies, skirts, tote bags, music frames, and other clothing/decorative articles. 

These can become canvases for your creativity. In addition, starting the business of customized printing material can be very profitable and it does not even require heavy investment.

Since many print-on-demand services charge per product, the base pricing per unit will be more than if you ordered in bulk. The emphasis here is on personalizing these items with your ideas to create something unique.

On demand printing is the profitable small business ideas in India this year.

3) Niche Staffing Agency: Small Scale business ideas in India

Apart from the reality that narrow expertise produces excellent staffing and recruiting profitability, the greater question is: what can you do about it? 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a recruiter trying to advance your career. As you can see, specialist recruiting and staffing are sweeping the market. 

In reality, several large general staffing firms are losing money and are rethinking their approach to focus on specialist recruiting and staffing. 

Companies need more, and employees are eager for more. You have the chance to achieve something unique while this business would not even be capital intensive instead, more like “network” intensive.

Niche staffing agency is the small business ideas in India this year.

4) Digital courses or products: Best small online business ideas in India

Digital courses Best small online business ideas in India

On this list of ideas, digital products such as music, courses, and templates are unique. They aren’t tangible products, unlike the others. Because you won’t have to worry about recurrent manufacturing or transportation costs, your profit margins will stay high. 

A passive source of income could be a digital product that encapsulates your skill-set. It could become a very valuable product if you can make sure that what you provide is of incredible value to its users.

Digital courses are the most successful small business ideas in India this year.

5) Social Media Consultant: Best small business ideas in India

You can’t be living under any rock big enough to hide you from the reaches of mass media. especially, social media! Any business, company/organization, or authority figure is concerned about their goodwill and reputation, which provides a social media consultant’s wide range of opportunities. 

Social media channels, which are managed by consultants, can have a significant impact on their goodwill and reputation. This allows them to make a good living by charging a high fee to well-known businesses. 

So, if you are that social media savvy friend in the group or know one, this might be perfect for you with zero to minimal investment.

Social media consultant is the trending small business ideas in India this year.

6) Translator/Language Tutor: Best small business ideas from home in India 

Being a translator is one of the most straightforward and practical one-person business ideas for 2021. You will almost certainly know at least one more language.

People are constantly ready to learn a new language and willing to pay to do so. Because you are fluent in the language, providing quality is a piece of cake for you. 

There are an array of online tutoring sites where you can easily register and recruit students. Once you’ve found folks willing to learn from you, you just have to sit in front of the screen and begin teaching.

Translator is the new small business ideas in India this year. 

7) Cyber Security: Most successful small business ideas in India

You can create your own cybersecurity company or give cybersecurity services to well-known companies if you are tech-savvy and have extensive knowledge of hacking, programming, software, and hardware. 

Top-tier businesses will pay a significant sum to maintain their systems secure and prevent illegal access to their databases. Many cybersecurity companies are launching in India, and all of the major corporations, from TCS to Bajaj Insurance, are purchasing their high-priced packages to secure the safety of their data.

Cyber security is the top rated small business ideas in India this year.

8) Internet Infrastructure Building Company: Small business ideas in India with Low Investment

In India, there is a huge increase in demand for faster and more reliable internet. Although there are currently providers, there is a lack of internet speeds in rural India, as well as certain connectivity concerns from larger organizations. 

This puts the business plan for establishing an internet infrastructure in the best possible light. Although this business concept is not cheap, it has a largely beneficial influence on people and has the potential to make a lot of money.

Also, in August 2021, Indian Bank partnered with the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay, to provide credit support to MSMEs and start-ups. 

Internet Infrastructure Building Company is the best small business ideas in India this year.

9) Cloud Kitchen: Top rated small scale business ideas for housewives in India

Cloud Kitchen Top rated small scale business ideas for housewives in India

A cloud kitchen, also known as a “black kitchen,” “ghost kitchen,” “virtual restaurant,” or “satellite kitchen,” is a delivery-only restaurant that does not allow customers to dine in. 

The cloud kitchen business allows restaurateurs to experiment with new concepts and formats, which has resulted in a wide range of food delivery business models. 

Because the cost of putting up a cloud kitchen is substantially less than that of a regular dine-in or takeaway restaurant, cloud kitchens are viewed as a low-risk, high-profit structure.

Cloud Kitchen is the new small business ideas in India this year.

10) Organic Farming: Small business ideas for rural areas in India

Now, if you want to get organic farming in India off to a good start, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Furthermore, you must be connected to plants and the green ecosystem all around you. So that your conversations with people who are currently in the business might be more enlightening. 

Your networking abilities will come in handy here, as the experience of another farmer who has gone through a similar phase can be quite helpful in polishing the exploratory process.

Organic farming is the profitable small business ideas in India this year.

11) Renewable and Clean Energy Supplies: Small Profitable business ideas in India

If you are passionate about making an effort towards the preservation of the environment, this is a perfect fit for you. As apartment living is popular, you would buy and put up solar equipment for people to install on their roofs or balconies. 

You might also begin by locating ten people who are interested in this service and will pay you before the job is completed, giving you the funds to purchase solar panels, resulting in a modest initial expenditure for your business idea.

Yes, this concept would be an expensive proposition. However, it is supported by the Indian government through subsidies and easy availability of credit.

Renewable and Clean Energy Supplies are the best small business ideas in India this year. 

12) Affiliate Marketing: Best small online business ideas in India

You promote and even sell a company’s products/services as an affiliate of the company on a commission basis, so in essence that is Affiliate marketing. It is a lot like a commission-only-salesperson, where you are remunerated when you make a sale. 

It’s a well-known strategy for increasing internet sales and earnings. The expanding head toward less conventional marketing strategies has proven to be quite beneficial to both businesses and affiliate marketers.

It is less capital intensive and more like “network” intensive. You’d need to tap into an audience that likes what you create and trusts you, as a credible influencer. Then you may collaborate with another business/company and promote their products/services.

Affiliate Marketing is the online small business ideas in India this year. 

13) Network Marketing: Small side business ideas in India

You may surf the internet to find out which ones have the most popular things. People have grown increasingly aware of nutrition, health, and supplement items, as well as beauty and skincare products, for which you can increase your marketing and network with distributors who currently work in this industry.

You can grow and expand your business by marketing your items to your family and friends and conducting online business through the creation of a website. 

To get started in network marketing with a low initial cost, you should partner with reputable brands that provide high-quality items.

Network Marketing is the most successful small business ideas in India this year.

14) Caterings and Home Chef: Best small food business ideas in India

Caterings Best small food business ideas in India

Caterers are in high demand these days, whether it’s for a wedding, an event, or a formal gathering. A catering business can pay well if you have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to operate under pressure while also managing your crew. 

However, you must have prior experience or enough networking and socializing skills that you can tap in as your market. That is because there are already a lot of prominent names in this industry. 

To become a successful caterer, you must be an all-rounder— skilled in management, well-versed with cuisines, and the latest culinary trends that people enjoy depending on the occasion.

Caterings and Home Chef are the new small business ideas in India this year.

15) Thrift Store: Top small shop business ideas in India

Thrift stores are trendy, specialized, and in high demand these days, which means they’re becoming increasingly popular. A thrift store business could be for you if you appreciate bargain shopping or have a penchant for vintage, retro, or high fashion things. 

There are various ways to go in this industry, but no matter what you choose to do, you’ll need a solid business plan, high-quality inventory, and excellent marketing skills. 

Identify your niche and market your offerings to them!

Thrift Store is the small business ideas in India this year.

16) Legal Management for E-Commerce Stores: Best small business ideas in India

Multiple variables that are favorably influencing the market are causing e-commerce business concepts to explode in India. There is a lot of compliance and rules that must be followed as a result of this. Other e-commerce businesses would be able to function legally with the help of this company’s solutions. 

This proposal would help many other businesses traverse the field of compliance and regulations, as the government is continually looking for new rules to impose in the corporate environment. 

This is a low-cost business idea that you could implement with just yourself and your understanding of industry regulations.

Legal Management for E-Commerce Stores is the new small business ideas in India this year.

17) Dropshipping: Top 10 small business ideas in India

One of the most appealing parts of this business is that you may get started by creating your e-commerce website without spending a lot of money or stocking any products. Since you don’t have to place an order until you receive one.

You have the potential to make a profit of up to three times the seller’s price. 

To get started with your Dropshipping business, you’ll need to follow a simple procedure:

  • Find a supplier (such as Amazon, Flipkart)
  • Build up your e-commerce website/page 
  • List your offerings from each supplier
  • Promote your website/page on media
  • You are good to go!

Dropshipping is the profitable small business ideas in India this year.

18) Blockchain Records/BookKeeping Services: New small business ideas in India

Blockchain Services New small business ideas in India

To execute these business ideas, knowledge of how blockchain technology is developed would be needed. Once developed, one might approach various e-commerce enterprises as potential clients, offering to assist them in recording and shipping items more quickly.

The existing “Cash on Delivery” system has a significant flaw that causes a significant cash flow concern. It could be resolved with the help of this technology.

E-commerce store owners would be able to record and trace where their payments are coming from, as well as verify that they are secure, using the blockchain recording and tracking ledger.

Blockchain Records/BookKeeping Services is the new small business ideas in India this year.

19) International Trade Assistance: Best small trading business ideas in India

As international trade expands, exports and imports continue to rise. To help with this expansion, you may create a company that assists other Indian businesses in expanding overseas by providing your skills and knowledge of shipping and handling products around the world. 

As the company increases, so will the appeal of this concept. Another option is to assist enterprises from other nations in conducting trade with India. With a history in international trade, startup costs may be cheap at first.

International Trade Assistance is the best small business ideas in India this year.

20) Warehouse/Inventory Management for E-Commerce: Best small scale business ideas in India

You may use a large piece of land or begin by purchasing one! Yes, Purchasing. Just stay with me, you may use this enormous store/land as a shipping stop for e-commerce companies. Then utilize a shipping company to transport them to their destinations; this business idea will generate revenue by storing people’s products in a warehouse. 

So you would be doing everything for them instead of an e-commerce store setting up its distribution lines, fleet trucks, and warehouses to keep the items and that is how you’d capitalize on the e-commerce growth.

Warehouse/Inventory Management for E-Commerce is the top rated small business ideas in India this year.

21) Skyscraper Greenhouses: Small city business ideas in India

As the population and city density rise, the land is becoming a limited resource. This has posed a difficulty in terms of providing fresh fruits and vegetables to communities in a cost-effective and long-term manner. 

One could harvest produce for a city or town by creating vertical greenhouses, similar to skyscrapers, with numerous layers of different fruits and vegetables.  This would save money on transportation, provide healthier food, and take up less room than a standard farm.

Because a facility would need to be purchased, this is a high-cost proposal; nevertheless, it would bring a lot of tremendous value to the community and may produce a lot of money in the long term.

Skyscraper Greenhouses are the new small business ideas in India this year.

22) Pet Care, Pet Food and Pet Sitting: Best small food business ideas in India

The best thing about such a business is that everyone looks for someone who is genuinely passionate about animals. This is all you need to get started in this business, your love for animals!

When pet owners leave on vacation or a work trip, then people often search for a pet-sitting service to look after their pets while they are away. 

You can also keep pet food. Individuals who leave their pets with you may likewise buy their pet’s food from you.

If you are well-versed in animal care and handling, this business is a good fit for you and requires small capital. 

Pet Care, Pet Food and Pet Sitting are the profitable small business ideas in India this year.

23) Coworking Spaces: Best small profitable business ideas in India

Coworking Spaces Best small profitable business ideas in India

The future of real estate is coworking. Many entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and other professionals prefer to work out of shared office space to create their community/network and take advantage of the perks that come with it. 

Many entrepreneurs want to be a part of this revolution, so they’ve started renting out their unoccupied space to other businesses or masters. 

The enormous opportunity to interact and co-work with people both within and outside of the sector is the current fashion in the market.

There are several factors to consider, including cash, the business strategy, and a recovery plan for the money spent by investors, among others. 

Coworking Spaces are the most successful small business ideas in India this year.

24) Virtual Assistant: New small online business ideas in India

A virtual assistant or VAs can find work across a wide range of industries as more organizations outsource more roles. Start by recognizing what abilities you could utilize to aid other small company owners when deciding what kind of assistance to provide.

VAs usually perform tasks such as answering phones, sorting email and maintaining social media accounts, organizing appointments and paying payments.

Since they are unaware of the alternative, many small business owners and entrepreneurs do not use virtual assistant services. Not to forget, this one too is not a capital-intensive center for ideas!

Virtual Assistant is the new small business ideas in India this year.

25) App Development: Best small manufacturing business ideas in India

With the advent of smartphones and the availability of increased internet bandwidths, businesses are increasingly looking to convert their websites or web apps into native mobile applications. This is a difficult process, thus this business idea for India would make it simpler for entrepreneurs. 

As a result, there is a growing demand for web designers, as every business wants to develop a website for their products or services. 

The company does not necessitate a large financial investment because all you need is a computer and some web design skills from a training center or institute.

App Development is the best small business ideas in India this year.

What are the key points to be considered before choosing a business idea? 

Although the company ideas we’ve discussed are easier to run in terms of logistics, that doesn’t mean they’re simple. Whatever you choose to do, there are at least three things you should keep in mind while you explore your alternatives: 

1) Focus on your skills and choose a niche market accordingly

Marketing, like any other business, is the key to success. It’s not enough to know that your items are in demand; you also need to figure out how to reach the people who are most inclined to purchase them. 

2) Pricing is not just about profit, see beyond that

If you price your things too low, customers may assume they’re of poor quality. If you price things too high, you may lose some clients. In any case, you’ll have to find a sweet spot. 

Many online vendors aim to include transportation expenses in their retail price so that they may provide free shipping or a low flat fee. You can use online free tools like Refren’s invoice generator to create bills for customers at zero expense. 

At the end of the day, you can alter your prices and try out other pricing tactics until you find one that works for you.

3) Keep experimenting and be willing to learn

The desire for perfection can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when starting a business. When it comes to business, perfection is good but productivity is even better. 

Products can be readily switched in and out. It is possible to redesign your store. Be flexible with your pricing strategies. You have the option of switching to a better supplier. 

Before you throw in the towel because your plan isn’t working out, consider how you can pivot. 

If you try a different product or technique, you can always rescue some components of your business.


As a variety of variables, including government stimulus, international commerce, and a strong emerging and evolving economy, Indian businesses are continually seeking expansion in a wide range of fields. 

Starting a business can be a behemoth of a task, but just being rational and objective can make it a fairly smooth sailing ride. 

Focusing on customers will always take you a long way, while just focusing on profits can be detrimental, beyond comprehension. 

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