Schema Markup: What Is It & How to Rank Website FAST (2021)

Schema markup is a perfect way to stand ahead in the competition. Once you add schema markup to your webpage, then rich snippets are created, which appear in search results below your website.

When you add schema markup on the HTML of your page, it will help the search engine understand your web page’s intent. It will return more information and rich information about your business.

This Schema Markup article will help you to do better SEO for your website and it will rank Fast on SERP.

Schema Markup
Schema Markup

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is an HTML code that you insert on your website so that search engines provide more informative results about your website in SERPs. It enables you to make enhanced descriptions to make them appear in search results. 

How To Add Schema?

There are many ways to add schema markup on your webpages. The most important and easy way is through the google structured data markup helper. 

You can add schema very quickly because a list of several schemas is present, and you have to choose from them and add URL and HTML in it. 

You will see a list of items to the tag; from there, you can highlight and select the features you want to add to your markup. After you do it, create HTML by clicking. After you generate the code, you can paste it into your source code. 

After that use, google’s testing tool to test your schema markup, if it’s working correctly or not.

What is the difference Between Schema markup, microdata and Structured Data?

Structured Data

Structured data is the including the structured name-value data. It helps crawlers identify, index, and classify your information. 


It is a form of structured data. It works well with HTML 5. Microdata is one of the formats of adding structured data. Google mostly prefers the microdata format. 

Schema .org

Schema is a catalog that you can use within your microdata declarations to define the type of content. Schema enables you to leverage the content’s value from your website. This way, the search engine understands the intent of your content. 

Schema is different from open graphs that we use on Facebook. Available graphs are types of markups that Facebook uses to display the information and image from website data. Schema provides more details than the open graphs. You can use them together. 

Different types of Schema

You can use schema markup for various niches from products to recipes, books, events, etc. Some of the popular schema types are-

1) Product Schema Markup

Product markup is an essential schema type. The structured data for product pages helps the search engines to understand the intent of your product page. 

2) Site Search Schema Markup

Search schema keeps a search box under website result, and when a user types the query in it, he gets the product to that query without clicking the link. It helps the site rank high in SERPs. 

3) FAQ Schema

The FAQ page has various questions and answers, and using this chem brings users to your webpage. When a user types questions in the search box, your webpage has a faq schema on ot, so it will tell the search engine that your page has information the user is looking for and display relevant results. 

4) Local Business Schema

Local Schema is suitable for that business who want to attract the local users. It includes the reviews, images, open hours, prices, etc. You can get a rank of 0 in search results using this Schema. 

5) Event Schema

Event schema tells google the details about the events like games, shows, and festivals present on that page. This event markup increases engagement and traffic. 

Why Should You Use Schema Markup?

If you want your ad copy to stand out from the crowd, this is a must-do. 

You’ve probably taken Google authorship and seen an increase in your rankings, or at least an increase in visual appeal when you have a smiling, trustworthy face next to your content. Why not add more details?

Not only for SEO reasons but also the benefit of searchers. If they have more details, they can make more informed decisions. 

The big picture makes the internet a better place, with the most reliable and relevant results ranking the highest on results pages.

Keep Your Website Ready For Future Seo

First, it’s a needed feature, and Google has officially stated that it could be something that you can include in the ranking algorithm shortly.

You are taking advantage of the advantages described below and preparing your website for future search engine optimization.

1) Make your Searches More Informative and Attractive

Second, structured data increases your website’s presence on the SERPS with large fragments.

It means that your listing on Google search results will be more exciting and informative than others. It leads to more click-through rate (CTR) and more visits to your website.

2) Schema Supports Local Seo

Third, an excellent scheme for local SEO services. With structured data, you can provide search engines with more information about your local business, including the address and contact information.

Combined with a well-optimized Google My Business page, it can improve your local SEO.

3) Important For Shopping Campaigns

Fourth, it is a prerequisite for a successful shopping campaign. When setting up a Google Ads Shopping campaign, you must have microdata on your product landing pages so that Google can review the information provided in your Shopping feed.

Without microdata, you cannot optimize your shopping campaigns.

4) Important For Google AMP

AMP pages rely a lot on a schema for their advanced features. Implement schema markup in your web pages to make your websites appear in top carousels in SERPs. 

5) Important for Voice Seo

As soon as you do a voice search on Google, you may get a voice response if there are citations for the search term.

Open your Google Assistant and say, “What is schema” You will most likely hear, “Schema is a meta-information…”.

Google got the answer from my snippet. If you have structured data on your side, you can rank it in the snippets described by Google and thus be more exposed to voice search.


Use schema to display the content of your page uniquely; search engines can better understand your page.

If the search engine can read your page clearly, pass that information to the searcher in that snippet. 

It also leads to a higher ranking of your page in the SERP. This schema is much easier to implement than it looks, and it’s a best practice to include in your web pages.

Now it’s your turn,

What do you think about Schema Markup?

Please, let me know in the comment.

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