Top 25 Low Investment Business Ideas with High Profit (2022)

This is the ultimate list of the Top 25 Low Investment business ideas this year.

In this article, you will learn some profitable and easy to start low business ideas that can be started from Home or office.

Every business idea or startup idea needs funding at the initial level of the business. It is difficult to arrange a huge amount to implement the idea. 

Here we suggest that some of the work from home business ideas can be transformed into a successful venture. 

Some of the most successful business ideas to try out at a low cost are mentioned below.

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best low investment business ideas
Low Investment Business Ideas with High Profit

Top 25 Low Investment Business Ideas with High Profit

Low Investment Business Ideas for (2022) 

1. Dropshipping: Low Investment Business Ideas with High Profit

A business model that does not need a team or large investment. Dropshipping is trending worldwide. Since the increase in online shopping, this business has risen. One does not need to be an entrepreneur or a businessman to start this venture.

Anyone who has a storage place can implement this idea. The seller does not keep goods sold in stocks but accepts customer orders. It is a kind of supply chain management. 

The function is to send orders and shipment details to the manufacturer and wholesaler to ship the items to the customers directly.

2. Home-based Catering Service: Business Ideas with Low Investment

Small businesses like a catering service operated through a home can be a successful venture. It requires a small capital to start. If you are interested in cooking and want to earn a passive income this is the best option to go for.

One can even start a website to open the startup on a larger scale. Earn profits by your culinary skills. Some people who couldn’t afford to cook usually opt for such services. 

3. Blog Writing: Business Ideas for Students with Low Investment

There are several platforms available for the students where they can showcase their talent for creative writing. Writing content for sites such as, Remote. co, and BloggingPro. 

Promoting your creative writing on the different Facebook groups is a good way. Make a portfolio to impress the clients so that you get work.

4. Career Guidance: Part-Time Business Ideas with Low Investment

Career Coaching to students pursuing higher studies is a better way open to passive income. The mentors must have deep learning on the topic to guide students on. You only require 4-5 hours to conduct sessions. As your expertise grows the income through the session will increase.

Clients for the session can be found out through sites like Coachmen and Facebook groups as well. Maintain your portfolio well by adding your work experience to it. Promote it through various social media handles to get enough clients.

5. Email marketing business: Best Low Investment Business Ideas

Email marketing business Best Low Investment Business Ideas

Writing an email with proper technique is a skill. Most of the people are earning a good amount through this skill. Most companies need an email marketing strategist to ensure customer engagement. Such companies can be found out on Upwork.

6. Website testing: Low Investment High Profit Business Ideas

Companies hire people to test their websites. One can create a team of people to give their opinions on websites created by the developers. This brings a passive income and does not even require a single penny.    

7. SEO Expertise: Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

With the use of correct keywords, one can improve the search visibility of the website. This skill is really helpful for the company operating fully through a website. 

To ensure that the website should be displayed on top, one must hire SEO specialists. You can learn this skill and earn money online through it. 

8. App Development: Small Low Investment Business Ideas

Developing applications is a skill. Mobile apps are trending in the market. One has to know how to develop an app for starting the business. The latest techniques must be used to gain clients.

Companies hire developers through Upwork and angel list. 

To get enough clients make a portfolio of your recent works in the app development field. App development companies also hire android app developers to develop a perfect application for their company. 

9. Greeting Cards: New Low Investment Business Ideas

Gifting cards to your friends, family members, and loved ones on occasions is preferred. Greeting cards and letters are what is loved by everyone. 

Most people on social media have already set up a business where others buy gifts. Such pages can be easily spotted on different social media platforms.

Make Beautiful greeting cards and letters for people. Then selling them on social media platforms is a unique and profitable business. As much as your customer range increases, the sales and hence the revenue generation increase. 

10. Stock Photographer: Part-Time Low Investment Business Ideas

Stock Photographer Part-Time Low Investment Business Ideas

Photography skills can pay you a lot. Clicking perfect photos which satisfy the customer is important if you want to earn money through this particular skill. Stock photography means to have pictures in stock and sell them to others for use. 

Such stock pictures are licensed to the photographers. Many photographers are on social media and open their business account through it. Try to engage with as many customers as you can. 

11. WordPress Support: Top Low Investment Business Ideas

Many websites are hosted on WordPress for better reach. Website owners search for clients who can add attractive designs to their websites. This is an easy job and requires no investments.

Owners can be easily found out on platforms like Upwork and other social media platforms. One needs to know skills such as Html, CSS for the designing part. It also helps the designer to earn a huge income if they have a good portfolio. 

12. Virtual Dance Studio: Business Ideas with Low Investment

People love to dance. But due to covid, they could not attend classes in person. So dance studios can operate dance classes virtually. Such instructors of classes need to have a skill that is dancing. 

To get more customers they can promote through reels on Instagram or shorts on youtube. Also being on social media platforms ensures that people engage with the virtual dance studios. 

13. Instagram Consulting: New Business Ideas with Low Investment

Instagram has grown so much more than just a social media handle. In the previous years, it was just a medium where people could just upload pictures and connect with known people. 

But now it has become a marketplace. Many small stores are available on it. People can buy stuff like clothes, accessories, electronics, etc. through these online shops.

 The Instagram shop owners need to have information about Instagram algorithms. It is important to reach out to the customers and get as many views as they can get on their platforms. 

The shop owners hire people who are Instagram experts to give their valuable advice. This helps the business owners to improve the quality to reach people on Instagram. This business needs little time but finding such jobs becomes hard for people. 

14. Video Editing: High Profit Low Investment Business Ideas

Video Editing High Profit Low Investment Business Ideas

One of the major trending skills to be learned if someone wants to earn money is to learn video editing. Video editors earn a lot of money. The craze of getting perfect pictures and excellent videos is in demand.

People want to have good videos for their weddings, birthdays, photoshoots, and other celebrations. Someone having proficiency in video editing skills can get work and earn while sitting at home.

Also, they can learn various techniques for editing. Techniques like color grading, montage, jump-cut, etc. should be learned to create a professional video. There are many courses available and the skills are easy for a beginner to learn.

15. Selling handmade crafts and artwork: business ideas for housewives with low investment

Handmade crafts and artworks are loved by everyone. To decorate homes, offices, gardens people require crafts and artwork. These artworks are available in the market. But some people need the decorative item according to their will.

The design needs to be specific. Such stuff could be customized. If one possesses skills in art and craftwork, one can easily open a shop on social media platforms. People like to buy decorative and showpiece items.

If these are easily available to them with the choice of customization they will surely buy them and even recommend them to others. Make sure to promote your shop well on social media handles to increase sales. 

16. Digital Marketing: business ideas with low investment and high profit

The famous course that is trending worldwide is none other than digital marketing. Teenagers that are in high school and college-going students are more inclined towards the course. 

They are highly interested in the course as this lets them open up to a wider audience. They have networking opportunities and can expand their business using the strategies. Digital marketing is nothing but promoting your idea to suitable customers. 

One can learn a lot through the marketing process and grow as an individual. It helps you to promote a brand through various strategies.

Companies hire eligible candidates having the degree of this course. They generally look for people who are experts in marketing and communication skills. Correct marketing of the product is required to get selected in such job opportunities. 

17. College consulting: best business ideas with low investment

Several students are confused while selecting a career. They need proper guidance to choose a stream as well as a college. This business is perfect for a faculty member of a college, a graduate, or a postgraduate student. 

This mainly includes guiding students for their careers in the future. But to be eligible for the job, you need to have certain experience in this sector. 

Also, students and their parents will consult you if and only if you have good experience as a college consultant. This earns you a good income, but you need to have a huge experience list of past students. 

18. Podcasting: new business ideas with low investment

podcasting new business ideas with low investment

The latest trend which everyone enjoys is a podcast. This is present on social media platforms like youtube and Spotify. Podcasting means to talk about a certain topic and discuss it with the other ones present in the room with you. 

The people speaking on the podcast must have a basic knowledge of what they are talking about. It is equally important to not bore the listeners and make the podcast enjoyable for everyone. Various influencers or celebrities do podcasting to earn a side source of income. 

People need to have good communicational and interactive skills to be at the podcast and to start this as a business. 

19. Animated Videos: small business ideas with low investment

Cartoons have been an integral part of everyone’s life. We have grown up watching them and even in our teenage years, we enjoy them. It seems to be simple and fun to watch them. But the actual making of a cartoon involves animation, which requires hours of hard work.

Animation is a difficult skill to learn as it requires minute detailing. Every action and function done by these cartoon characters is difficult to assemble perfectly. 

But once learned properly, one can open a business regarding this skill. The pay scale of companies for animated video makers is high. 

20. Online research work: business ideas for students with low investment

Work online to research and find the most suitable content for the particular tasks. Some clients pay just for online research.

If you are good at researching and writing reports, you are suitable for the job. One can earn a good amount while doing this job. This merely requires a few hours in a week. 

21. Thrift selling: Online business ideas with low investment

Thrift selling means selling online items. Nowadays, there are many famous stores online that earn a lot by selling such thrift items to people. Thrift stores are trending in recent times as they provide items at the cheapest rates possible.

For promoting your page collaborate with other businesses on the same platform. You can even reach out to famous people on the platform for promotion. 

This business has been rising since the craze of fashion is increasing. Everyone wants to have beautiful clothes and that too at affordable rates. It is a profitable business idea.

22. Home-based business: startup business ideas with low investment

Selling items like pickles, papads, and jam to the people who like them. Many people crave such food items, but can’t prepare them at home due to several reasons. Such people are perfect customers for this particular business.

Food Items can be prepared at home easily and then can be sold through various online and social media platforms. A particular price or rate can be set up on such items to sell. Having affordable prices for such items is a smart move.  

23. Virtual Fitness classes: low investment online business ideas

Everyone wants to be fit and active. People want to do exercises and practice yoga to maintain their health. Since the pandemic situation, most people are forced to be inside their homes. They cannot move out of their house and practice fitness.

To offer such services online and earn through it is a great business idea. Online classes are beneficial as it requires an internet connection and a device to connect with. Fitness skills by the mentor are also required.

24. Online Tutoring: online business ideas with low investment

Online tutoring online business ideas with low investment

The best way to earn a passive income is through tuition classes. Start tutoring students online for academics. You need a bachelor’s degree in the respective subject that you are going to teach. 

It is equally important to find the clients who want the classes. Such clients can be easily found on sites like Skooli and

To ensure that your business grows, you have to teach subjects related to your area of expertise. Classes can be conducted through apps like Zoom, Skype, and Meet.

25. Translation: business ideas in lockdown with low investment

People who know multiple languages are always in demand, So if you know several different languages, start a small business as a translator. Use your skills to earn money.

Websites like Upwork and Flexbox can be used to find clients who can provide you with particular work.

To get high earnings one must build a better portfolio. Promote the work on social media handles to get clients. It is one of the best ways to grab attention and get work easily. This indicates that learning an extra language earns you money. 


New business opportunities are always present around you. One must have proper future ideas for business to create the best business. 

Most successful small business ideas are mentioned above which can be used by the people to have a long-term impact.

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