Linkedin Marketing: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

This is the ultimate guide to Linkedin Marketing in 2021

What we will cover in this guide :

  • What is Linkedin Marketing
  • Importance of Linkedin
  • Actionable Tips and Strategies for your business
  • Much More

So if you want to grow your business on Linkedin, this Linkedin Marketing guide will help you. 

Let’s get started.

Linkedin marketing
Linkedin Marketing

What is Linkedin marketing?

Linkedin marketing is the process of using a professional platform for businesses (Linkedin) to generate leads, grow your brand through awareness campaigns, make relationships with entrepreneurs or business owners, make professional connections, share valuable content and drive traffic to your business website.

Nowadays, Linkedin is the important social media handle for business owners to get B2B customers and expanding professional networks.

In a social networking platform like Linkedin, it’s not impossible to reach near-perfect success in the process of marketing your services. 

By following a few of these tips, you can start to gain more traction and traffic to your website or page. 

While there are competitors and limitations in the platform, you can learn about the system and functions of the platform to improve your performance in it.

As the number of Linkedin users increases, it’s essential to be up-to-date with the latest trend in the content making, social networking, and services. 

This is nothing new, and it is seen in every field of expertise. In Linkedin, you can find the right crowd to please and learn from fellow professionals and competitors how to make effective marketing strategies and plans.

Linkedin Marketing Strategy for your business

1) Start Effective Networking

Knowing people in business is an essential step to broaden the scope of your company’s clientele. 

Continue to interact with as many people as possible and create certain conditions to know which people can help you with your business with efficiency.

Remember to connect with people who can be an asset to your customers and company, some people may not fit the description and criteria of your needs, but it’s alright as there are many more to reach out to.

2) Vouch for People

In Linkedin, there is a feature called an endorsement. This helps boost your online reputation greatly, as it is used to highlight the skills and social experience you’ve gathered ever since your first day in Linkedin. 

Getting endorsed goes both ways, so try endorsing people you think seems to be a great potential fit for your company or business.

It also allows your profile to reach their side of the screen, and maybe they could endorse you to return the favour

3) Display a Full Profile

Showing yourself as a fully competent businessman or worker allows others to feel more inclined to reach out to you for collaborations and employment opportunities. 

Completing your profile lets everyone view your aims and prospects, as many clients wish to get the full details of the work you do, past experiences, milestones reached, network of contacts and so on.

In short, fully completing a Linkedin profile brings in more people into your network. It has similar features as seen in a cv or resume, and as most Linkedin users have done this, they have found the right crowd to work with.

4) Try Giving Recommendations

One of the strongest ways to improve your network of users is to start recommending other people in your current network. 

This leads to building a firm relationship with people, and it becomes an instant positive for your progress. As you recommend other acquitted individuals, even you get the chance of getting recommended.

This factor adds to your social network and online reputation and is another important way to gain more influencers and followers.

5) Include Videos in Your Profile

With the advancement of digital media these days, communication and connections are becoming more translucent to bring people together. 

In the professional field, we see inclinations to more digital uses such as clips, images, gifs, and so on. 

As the culture of digitalisation ascent, developers and providers use various new and innovative ways to reach out to customers and different clientele.

So be sure to include a video of your work or things relating to what you do. It improves the chances of getting seen in people’s feed-in random order. 

Here’s why a direct upload is a better move than a direct link: –

  • There are higher chances of people clicking on your video than going through a third- party to see it.
  • Linkedin has competitors from other platforms; there is an emphasis on direct uploads on their site rather than on other sites.

6) Sharing is Caring

So to follow this method, one needs to be well-versed with ongoing and upcoming trends. 

Contents from Linkedin are shared through Google as well, so when you upload publications to your main company site, it automatically displays on the public website. 

Sharing content on the site which is relevant to the current trend increases view counts, which leads to rank up.

The content should be shared on a timely basis, but it is recommended to share them regularly. 

The more relevant your share is, the more people will engage with it, and hence, your company page is most likely displayed in search results.

7) Don’t be Shy, Reach Out.

One sure way of building up relations is by being involved in other projects and work through reaching out to potential partners. 

You can ask them if they need any assistance and that you can offer your skills and services to them. This is especially good to know the compatibility of working as a team.

In the past, there usually are formalities followed to get into a project as an outsider; however, with growing times, it is now possible to collaborate with people you’ve never met before or are on the other side of the world.

8) Include Hashtags

Another good way of sharing your content is to add hashtags in the description box of your newly updated content. 

Since there are many diverse content pages, you’ll need to find out which ones can improve your content’s popularity. 

And try not to post your work on pages that are not related to the subject, as this may cause annoyance or a sense of oddity to users.

Try to use an adequate amount of hashtags to see the users react to it after a while.

9) Promotion Through URLs

There is a feature in Linkedin where one can promote URLs of your choice; there are three spots available for each user. 

Try to fill in these spots with other websites and pages of the company you own or work for. 

Although small, this feature can significantly contribute to assisting other users in generating traffic, slowly but surely.

Users should take a good look at all the features offered on the Linkedin site; you never know what you might miss out on. 

Features like URL add-ons may seem common, but collectively it promotes a fraction of your whole traffic.

10) Use the Best Marketing Combo

Use the best combination of marketing strategies to enhance your social media presence.

For Linkedin companies, their pages allow users to send emails to other company members, as do the groups in Linkedin. 

There is an icon where you can send announcements to the group members for any news or updates. 

This feature helps to bring in new and frequent visitors to your page, which improves sales performance. 

Therefore, using this method through email marketing gives an additional boost to sales. 

11) Include Visuals

Nowadays, people want more things, whether it features, perks, discounts or presentations. 

They want something worthwhile and something they can spend their time and money on, so introducing aesthetic visuals in your content can improve user interactions.

So instead of strictly textual posts, try hiring graphic designers or video developers to make your content enjoyable yet compelling to viewers. 

People want creativity much more often now, so let’s give the people what they want, especially since we are all providers.

12) Timely Work Updates

Generally, interaction is necessary for human intimacy, connections, mutual understanding and many more. 

So the same is expected from providers and developers towards their target audiences. Try your best in creating a flow in your work schedule to get into the habit of uploading timely contents.

To be a good mediator of your company, you should be consistent in publishing content to your target visitors. 

It is suggested to update one post per day to be a step ahead of other competitors. This helps your viewers know the activity and news going on in your work.

13) Lend a Hand

On Linkedin, we have established that reaching out to lend your skills and services to people you’ve just met is essential for your social network and business growth. 

To be a good team player, you should try to suggest solutions or help your business partners through your skills, professional advice and recommendations. 

Doing this proves to be a good practice ground for trials and errors.

This is important for newcomers to start with as nobody knows you during the first step. 

So make continuous attempts to provide help or solutions to people who urgently need them; the problems may be uploaded in groups, pages, or general feeds. Go ahead and lend a hand.

14) Switch to Verbal Communication

Practice conversation at its core function, through verbal communication. Usually, we can chat with users from any part of the world on Linkedin through the online chat feature but try not to stick in there for too long.

Always formulate a relation where conversation can take place through phone calls in the next step. This improves relationships with the other team members and builds a firm foundation of trust.

15) Make Time for Networking

We all know that networking is a crucial factor for finding new clients, generating new customers, promoting opportunities and collaborations, finding easy recommendations, etc. 

With a clear aim and understanding of your marketing strategy, continue to mingle with people of value on a timely basis.

Ensure that you are also updated with their work and progress; with a better understanding of their services, you can utilise the skills available at the best time.

16) Create Special Invites

How can you stand out in such a competitive environment? What do your people want? To answer these troubling thoughts, the first step is to forget the usual protocol followed to make invites; automated ones. 

Try your hand at making personalised invitations instead, as it makes the reader feel like it’s directly addressing them.

With commercial growth and similarities seen in performance, it has grown difficult to find originality. People still prefer a more natural personality rather than a business-oriented one. Take up the task to make specialised invites that resonate with your traits; this persuades some users better than an automated invite.

17) Start a Group

Whether it’s small or big, starting something new yourself is a good step to finding success. 

Creating a group on Linkedin is one of the most prominent marketing tools used to gain more traction. 

But for this to work, you will need to set up the group in the most efficient manner and go-to marketing recruitment to find the best marketing recruits for your company.

After creating your group, make interactions and daily updates as consistent as possible since this will be a new group.

18) Active Group Participation

The number of groups made in Linkedin is massive, so finding the appropriate group to join in is another useful step to learn and grow with fellow professionals. 

After you’ve found groups that match the type of target customers you’re looking for, start joining and interacting.

Since new members are required to send a request to the group admins, do that and as soon as you have been accepted, be an ardent member of the group. 

Post useful content, reply to general problems and interact with other members to improve your network. This is a great way to improve your online image and find new people to work with.

19) Share your Articles on Linkedin Publishing Platform

Publishing your articles on your page or in the group you’re in is completely fine. However, when there are times when you cannot keep up with the workload, there’s a feature in Linkedin where one can recycle their used articles in the Linkedin publishing platform. 

It still brings in traction, so recycling your content from various other platforms is a neat trick to saving time if you are in a hurry.

These days the amount of content published by a single developer is insane, now think about it as how much content is produced every year. 

This is a factor of content overflow in today’s generation; there’s too much of nothing. 

So while making your content, make something that would be helpful and informative while reflecting your ideas. This helps in naturally reaching the audience.

20) Take Advantage of Systematic Statistics in Linkedin

Every platform, software or program that runs on customer interaction and views manages data analysis or insight. If used correctly, it can improve traction in your personal groups, sites or pages.

Sometimes we wonder what the audience wants at any given time; looking at the previous analytical data or statistics greatly helps offer insight into what works and what doesn’t; accordingly, one can make their content.


With the mentioned list of Linkedin Marketing strategy or tips for performing better in the market sector.

What I would suggest you try to implement one of  strategies like completing your profile or creating your groups – simple and direct actions.

Now it’s your turn,

What do you think about Linkedin Marketing?

Please, let me know in the comment.

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