How To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2020 [7X Faster]

Today I’m going to show you how to grow your YouTube channel in 2020.

This is the 7 step approach that will help you to grow the channel and subscribers 7X faster in 2020.

Social media marketing is more important in the digital world. Many marketers need to publish their products on social media because a huge audience spends their time on social media platforms.

Now, we can discuss the second-largest platform in the world. Do you think about that? That’s YouTube. Yes, YouTube is the most popular and largest social media platform after Google. One-third of the internet people spend more time watching videos. YouTube has more than a billion active users. YouTube can be accessed in 76 different languages. 

300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube per minute. 59% of the audience prefers to watch videos more than text. It can help to enhance your brand presence and SEO. YouTube also allows marketers to present different content that’s easy for viewers to consume and share.

This guide helps to improve your marketing on YouTube:

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel
How To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2020

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2020?

1) Build Your YouTube Channel

It’s your time! Now you can start your own YouTube channel if you are making a YouTube channel to upload videos and maintain the platform. 

You have plenty of time to plan your video, make, edit, and analyze your content basis. You will also need to explain your brand goals and create how video can specifically help you achieve these. And the more achievement is to win the audience heart and to get more YouTube likes and views for your videos. 

How to create a YouTube Brand Account:

Using E-mail id is common! But once you create an account on YouTube, you must enter the mail id. But that mail id should be related to your channel. A brand account channel provides the users to manage editing permissions and create an online presence. 

Here are the steps for the create a YouTube channel:

  • Go to YouTube -> Enter your username & Password.
  • On that page, you have seen the icon “My channel” in the drop-down menu. 
  • And you will see the option to create a channel. Hit the button on “Use a business or other name” on the button page. Enter your brand name and click the button on “Create.” 
  • Adding a channel art and icon on your channel. These are all the first things noticed by people. Hence, ensure to use images that are easily identifiable and consistent with your overall branding.
  • After uploading the channel icon and art, you should add the description, company mail id, and your company website. 

2) Optimize Your YouTube videos

Now your YouTube account is ready! But you need to optimize your videos on YouTube. Everyone knows that YouTube is the second largest search engine platform. Why?? Because whatever videos we have searched on YouTube, it gives us a vast number of results. 

“The first is the best”- which video appears on the 1st page, the audience hits the link and watches the video. Hence, optimize your video to improve the rank highly on Google and YouTube SERP pages. 

The optimized section is,

TITLE: Your title should be informative and related to your videos. Your titles are short and descriptive. More than 60 characters are well enough, and placing relevant keywords at the beginning of the title is so powerful to boost your video. 

DESCRIPTION: It is an important section on YouTube. A fresh member entered on your channel; anyone doesn’t know your content and product. At that time, this part helps to tell the audience what your content is. Adding 2-3 keywords in this helps to show up on the audience search. Define your channel with 100 characters. 

3) How to Make your YouTube Videos

YouTube channel is set up. It’s time to make your channel popular in the following ways. 

You can create a unique type of videos and engage your audience. 

1) Testimonials 

Testimonials videos are a short form of an interview to the audience who are satisfied with your videos. It helps to increase product reliability. 

2) Product demonstration videos

These videos are short content to show the advantage and use of a product.

3) Product Reviews

It recaps a successful project and includes many statistics and gets the results. 

4) Event Videos

It features in-person experiences at an expo and can be a perfect way to establish a crowd’s excitement.

5) Leader Interviews

Shoot the interviews with leaders that can help to improve your company’s reliability among the audience. 

4) Essential Tips for Making Videos

1) Use a High-Quality Camera 

Camera is an essential product to shoot a video. Hence use a quality camera without any damage because the clear video is more important than clear content. 

Set your camera to full manual mode, then you can adjust to focus and change the settings. 

2) Use Microphone

If you need to plan on speaking in your YouTube video, make sure to use the best microphone to capture the audio without noise. There are a variety of microphones available in the market. Hence you can choose anyone and make a voice separately from the camera.

3) Thumbnails

It’s an important section compared to the whole video part. These thumbnails only show your content to the audience with a single image. 

YouTube provides an automatic thumbnail, but it can’t be precise. So, you can customize your thumbnail with your favorite font and colors. 

5) Share Your Videos on Social Media

Spreading your videos on social media is the easiest way. You can also include additional insights to your video and engage your audience. YouTube allows it to be an incredible way to promote your video across other social networks. YouTube provides the video URL for convenient posting. 

Sharing your videos on social media websites which helps to promote your YouTube channel. It is considered the best marketing strategy. Think of why you made the video; you will boost your videos. Simply sharing the video on your feed, it may not be the most effective option. Keep the strategy!! Grow up !!

6) Collaborate With Others

Making a partnership with other influencers helps to reach out to your content among the crowd audience. Because YouTubers have a lot of fan base for their videos and channels. And they already have fame on that platform. So, the audience can quickly identify their videos. 

If you have collaborated with your partners, that helps to viral your videos on YouTube. It is a profit for both you and your influencers to gain exposure to channels. There are many options to collaborate with others and make sure that their goal and audience are similar. The partnership should enhance your marketing strategy. 

7) Create a YouTube Advertising

Now, the overall world is surrounded by advertisements. Wherever you go, you can see the ad because we are living in a digital world. Hence, you and your brand need to shine, and then you could use ad methods and be competitive among the niche you should make a campaign for your products or services. 

There are a variety of ads are:

  • Video Discovery Ads
  • In-Stream Ad
  • Skippable Ad
  • Non-Skippable Ad

You will use that which is perfect for your products and needs to run the campaign. The cost of the advertisement will vary depending upon which you choose one. 


I hope this post showed you how to grow your YouTube channel in 2020.

YouTube marketing strategies will be popular nowadays. Every marketer wishes to promote their products using social media.

You are one of the marketers, then you will follow the above marketing strategies and improve your brand and get famous!! 

Now it’s your turn

What’s your #1 technique from today’s post?

Or maybe you have a question.

Leave a comment below.


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