9 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy (2020)

Social media has revolutionized the way marketing works in recent years. It has dramatically changed how brands and businesses are being promoted and how people are getting connected to many companies. 

It has built many digital marketing powerhouses like Facebook that is considered one of the strongest tools in growing your brands online. 

If you want to build a strong brand (example: Nike, Pepsi, Google etc) in the world, these 9 techniques can help you to improve your Facebook Marketing Strategy in 2020.

Marketing your product on Facebook is not optional anymore. It has become a need, a necessity. No matter what the size of your business is, Facebook is already a must to help you succeed. While it has been used for several years now and newer platforms have emerged, Facebook remains undaunted and still continues to give an amazing result. 

As the new era started,

facebook marketing strategy in 2020
Facebook Marketing Strategy in 2020

Here are some ways to help with your Facebook marketing strategy in 2020:

1. Be Specific With Your Goals

Unlike offline or traditional marketing, doing social media marketing is limitless. The possibilities are endless. Armed with technology, Facebook marketing has given you a wide reach to promote your brand, your product or your services. However, with all of these, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and get lost along the way. 

Anchor your Facebook marketing campaign to your business objectives and set specific goals. Identify your needs and match them with your strategy. 

Do you need to increase brand awareness, do you want to promote a specific event or products, do you need to increase your sales or do you want to gain loyal followers? Whatever your goal is, you need to identify it first in order to create a campaign that will be effective in addressing it. 

2. Understand Your Target Audience

With over 3.5 billion users on Facebook daily and millions of brands competing against each other, your content can easily get lost. Knowing your customers is crucial to make your posts stand out. 

Pay attention to your audience. Listen to what they are saying, respond to their comments and answer their questions. Know what will make them click and know what will catch their attention. 

3. Bank on Valuable Content and Interactive Post

In spite of the competition, many companies still see the value and still derive success in doing Facebook marketing. One of the keys to do is by delivering valuable content. As Facebook integrated algorithms in their news feed, it has been hard for many marketers and business owners to make their posts stand out especially those that are to generate clicks and sales. However, meaningful content is highly favored. 

It will be wise as well to use interactive posts on your Facebook channel. This will drive engagement as your audience will talk about you. As it provides entertaining space for them, it urges them to become more involved and increase click-throughs. Though it will take more of your effort and sometimes even budget to create it, customers spend more time on your platform and can even be used to juice out details and information that is essential to make your campaign a success. 

Samples of interactive posts include quizzes, polls, contests, promos, questions and simple games. Create tutorials and videos that can drive up your engagement rates. 

4. Work on  Paid Ads

Over the years, organic efforts on Facebook have been able to generate amazing results. As time passed by, Facebook began limiting opportunities for organic reach making marketers and business owners turn into paid advertisements.

These targeted paid ads are one of the easiest ways to reach your desired audience on these platforms. Many business owners and marketers leverage this to promote and widen reach with just spending a few dollars. It is also relatively cheap compared to other paid marketing efforts. 

5. Measure Your Campaign

It is noted that when creating your Facebook campaign, it should be anchored on your business’ goals and objectives and measuring your campaign is important to check if this has been met. Facebook provides a lot of opportunities to businesses to generate leads, grow their reach and increase click-through rates and failing to measure your strategies may not optimize these opportunities.  

6. Encourage Engagement

There are over 293,000 updated status on Facebook per second making competition tougher as it seems. Though it seems impossible to stand out these days without spending a dime to boost a post or create an ad, it is still possible through engagement. Any activity on your page involving your audience can be attributed to engagement and the higher it is, the better. 

Encourage engagement from your existing consumers, potential clients and your audience in general through interactive posts, valuable content, live streaming, stories and replying to comments and tagged posts. However, always remember to focus on quality than quantity to make sure you get the most of your audience’s engagement. 

7. Personal Touch

Consumer behavior has been on a paradigm shift these days making way to personalization. Personalized experience has been one of the take-aways for most brands who want to create a deeper connection to their audience. It is a strategy where it involves collecting and studying your audience’s behavior, interest and demographics to provide relevant and valuable content. 

The internet continues to take the world by storm and as more and more brands leverage on this, a lot of people have turned skeptical to these brand’s genuine intentions. Adding a personal touch to your campaigns particularly in your Facebook strategies can help you develop a connection with you and your target market. These connections allow your audience to help them feel that they are heard, recognized and cared for by you. 

As your relationship deepens, trust and loyalty will be then established. They will eventually lean on your brand, your product or services and recommend it to your family and friends.  

8. Know When to Post

Know when your audience is active. This will help with your engagement as you reach your targeted audience online. This will also help your posts stand out among competitors, boost engagement and make out the best of your post especially if you are spending some money on it. 

9. Leverage FB Groups

Your existing and potential customers can be found in many Facebook groups that can become an effective and powerful tool in your marketing campaign. As there are already established audiences in FB groups, it will be easier for you to market your products and gain customers. 

Aside from finding groups to look for your potential customers, you can also build a close tight-knit community of your existing and potential clients with FB groups. This is an effective way to encourage your customers to start engaging with you. As people look for exclusivity, creating an FB group can help strengthen your relationship with your audience and build their trust in you. 


Facebook marketing may seem easy but it is harder than you think it is but it does not mean that you should give up on it. 

It may have been on the market for some time already but if you do it right, it can provide you amazing results. Learn to study your target audience, your competitors, your market, your product and even your strength and weakness to maximize your Facebook marketing campaign.

Now it’s your turn!

Which Facebook Marketing Strategy you are going to use in 2020?

Please, Let me know in the comment.

John Ocampos

John Ocampos

John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors. Ever since, Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO Guru, and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia – leading software eCommerce company in Australia and New Zealand.

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    Great post with effective tips to boost marketing strategy.

    You have done a fab work and truly suggested helpful facebook marketing strategies. Your each of the suggested strategy will work well if used properly.

    Facebook is one of a popular and well-known social platform with more than millions of user worldwide but doing a facebook marketing is not an easy task, as it require lot of efforts and hard-work.

    I totally agree with your each and every strategy that you have included. Being specific with our goals is truly vital and focusing on our goals will be a great help to achieve a great success. Understanding the targeted audience is also crucial, as it is really essential to understand the audience need and requirements. Working on paid ads will also provide good benefits. Following your suggested tips will be helpful for several user, people and readers.

    Truly informative post and thank s for sharing.

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